A man’s relationship with his barber is sacred. I’ve been going to mine for five years now, and he understands my penchant for an ice cold glass of plain water and silence. He rarely speaks unless he wants me to tilt my head or inquire whether I’m happy with the length of my sideburns. Don’t get me wrong; my barber is not a servant, and I don’t consider him beneath me. We chat heartily before and after the session but never during.

There was a period of time when he had gone overseas for an emergency family situation (he normally tells me beforehand when he’s not in town), just when my hair was getting on the wrong end of a bed hair situation. Desperate, I made a booking with another barber at another place. Arriving at the salon, I sat down and the barber proceeded to talk up a storm during the cut, asking me questions about my family, my work and everything else under the sun. I never went back.

So when Robinson Blanckaert, the CEO of Vaniday, tells me his website will change the way men approach grooming, I was a tad skeptical. To his credit Blanckaert didn’t shy away from the challenge.

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What plans do you have, if at all, for tailoring the VANIDAY experience to men like myself who don’t change barbers?

You are absolutely right and this is something we are currently working on. We definitely want to make men’s experience unique and tailored to their needs. 

For that purpose, we plan to have sections dedicated for them with a sleek design and an amazing content. So for someone like you, even if you stick to the same barber for the past five years, you will still be able to book your session in an easier, faster and convenient way via our app in two clicks (where you can access you favorite last salons and pay directly as credit card is stored). 

This way, it will avoid you calling, waiting and saving you some stress etc. Knowing that more than 50 per cent of bookings happen after 8pm (when usually salons are closed), it will be particularly useful for a busy man looking to book a session at his favorite barber.

How would you convince men to try out VANIDAY?

Our partners – We clearly work with the best salons in each category. If you are looking for a barber, we have amazing salons such as Sultans of Shave, TrueFitt & Hill and Empire of Steel. For the record, TrueFitt & Hill is the oldest barber in the world. 

Convenience – You do not need to call your salon during specific opening hours. In two clicks, you can book your next appointment in real time, at any time of the day. Once you get used to this, it is hard to imagine spending time calling again.

Special deals – Since we drive a lot of customers to our partner, this makes it easier to create such deals.

I find that most supposedly new apps or services nowadays are just trying to be an Uber or AirBnB, a middleman. They don’t actually provide value to the consumer.

There is indeed an effervescence of new apps every day. At Vaniday, we believe that the companies that do provide real value to the consumer will succeed. The breakthrough of new technologies opens the doors to new fully eligible business models and Vaniday is definitely one of them. 

We are replying to a customer´s need to access grooming at a fingerprint and from salons that want as well to get more access to customers, increase their revenue, better manage their calendar etc. We really believe we can change the way customers see, feel, discover or experience beauty services and we are committed to make it happen in no time.

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