With every new day comes a new beauty trend and treatment. From the vampire facial to Thai face-slapping therapy, it is safe to say that people will do seemingly absurd things in the name of beauty.

Riding the bizarre beauty trend, Browhaus introduces a revolutionary brow perm service dubbed Brow Lamination. Much like paper lamination, the treatment is a technique that offers a high-shine and polished finishing. It takes  inspiration from the ‘Soap Brows’ trend. However, unlike micro-blading, Brow Lamination is a non-invasive treatment that covers small gaps in-between brows by lifting and giving structure to your existing hairs. A full and voluminous look is achieved within an hour, and the results last up to four weeks with no downtime. Though the treatment is predominately appreciated by women, men with unruly brows can also benefit from it.

3-Step To Full and Flurry Brows

brow lamination

With the dramatic colloquial name of Brow Lamination, many are curious about the procedure. In case you were wondering, lamination machines are not required. An intricate three-step process is facilitated by Browhaus experts, using the lamination solutions.

Starting with a ‘Lift’, brows are prepped with a perming cream before being brushed upwards to fill in any small gaps. The cream softens the brows, allowing them to be brushed and styled into the desired shape. The brows are then ‘Set’ in place with a neutralising cream to keep them in position. As a finishing touch, a Browhaus Undercoat Lash and Brow Conditioner is used to ‘Style’ and nourish the brows with its cocktail of active ingredients. There maybe some minor discomfort during and after the treatment but rest assured that it will subside within a few hours.

To maintain its longevity, apply the eponymous Undercoat Lash and Brow Conditioner onto your new feathered brows daily following the procedure.

While half of our faces are covered up thanks to mandatory mask-wear, our peepers and brows have become the centre of attention. As quoted by Irish-American actress Saoirse Ronan, “If you don’t have eyebrows, you don’t really have a face.” Perhaps this is the perfect time to make a statement with your brows. Priced at $120, Brow Lamination is available at all Browhaus outlets. For more information, visit the Browhaus official page or head down to their outlets.

Point to note: Those with sensitive skin or chronic skin conditions should avoid the treatment or consult with a Browhaus specialist prior to the procedure.

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