37.9 million. That’s the number of people living with HIV/AIDS across the globe, as of 2018. Further to making a commitment to save the environment, Louis Vuitton is exploring other ways to make a difference with its products. In rolling out the latest perfumed candles, Louis Vuitton I (RED), the French luxury label is making an effort to help fund medical care for HIV/AIDS patients.

Louis Vuitton I (RED) candle with box and lid, fight for HIV/AIDS
Louis Vuitton I (RED) candle with box and wick.

The Louis Vuitton candle is a collaboration with (RED), a non-profit organisation helping HIV/AIDS patients with prevention and treatment. The brand assigned Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, who concocted its first men’s fragrance in 2018, to create the fragrance for Louis Vuitton I (RED). Industrial designer Marc Newson, who helped craft Louis Vuitton’s luggage, was tasked to design its exterior.

The candle comes with sweet, peppery and floral olfactory notes with the tinge of raspberry scent. Belletrud hopes the fragrance will evoke the universal emotions of love, freedom, warmth, and purity in everyone. And thus encourage people to be part of Louis Vuitton’s effort in supporting those living with HIV/ADIS.

Newson wanted to use the colour red as a visual reminder of Louis Vuitton’s commitment and association with (RED), to fight against HIV/AIDS. Hence, he rendered the Louis Vuitton I (RED) in a white ceramic container, with a hand-sewn and natural leather red handle. Inside, the white wax candle is finished with a hand-painted red wick.

For every candle Louis Vuitton sells, €60 will be donated to (RED)’s Global Fund and, according to (RED)’s COO Jennifer Lotito, this will provide 300 days of medication for HIV/AIDS patients.

Louis Vuitton I (RED) candle, fight for HIV/AIDS
Louis Vuitton I (RED) candle.

With World AIDS Day coming up on 1 December, this is a perfect time for the brand to establish its commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Another luxury brand, Montblanc, also has a collaboration with (RED).

The Louis Vuitton I (RED) candle, priced at €175, will be available in Louis Vuitton stores around the world, and online here.

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