Whether he’s covered in scrimmage stains on the pitch or attending a red carpet event, England Rugby Captain Chris Robshaw never fails to pull off a rugged yet impeccably put together look. 

Named as England’s captain for the Six Nations in 2012, he went on to lead the team to numerous victories and received the title of Man of the Match at several games. Partnering with British Airways he gives an insight into his travel habits and how he manages to stay so put together while on the go. Here are some personal tips from the man himself for you to consider the next time you travel.

How would you describe your style when travelling?

I like to look polished when travelling but also need to be comfortable. Sometimes it’s hard to stay fresh and look sharp after a long-haul flight so it’s vital to travel in comfort and have the right travel essentials.

What product do you swear by when flying?

A good face cream is essential when flying, there is nothing worse than that tight feeling you get when your face is dry. Also, having a massage in the lounge at T5 before flying cannot be beaten. It is the best way to relax especially before a long-haul flight.

What do you pack for a weekend away?

I like to read, so I always have a book with me to keep me entertained. A camera is also a must – I have a Sony digital camera which I use for capturing holiday memories. It’s compact and has amazing resolution. Also, if I need to take presents along or home with me, onboard shopping is great for finding the perfect gift.

What is your absolute travel essential?

My Aspinal leather passport wallet – it makes me feel smarter when travelling and really does look after my passport, plus I’m less likely to lose something more substantial.

What do you pack when flying overnight?

If I have the pleasure of flying First with British Airways, I don’t need to pack anything. The flat beds are made with a duvet which is so comfortable and pyjamas are provided so I won’t crease my shirt. The inflight entertainment is perfect to help me relax and keep me from getting bored. I like to watch films and TV series such as Mad Men and I also love listening to the music channels.

How do you beat jetlag?

I try to get lots of rest on the flight, enjoy some inflight entertainment to relax and drink lots of water to keep hydrated. I also try to adjust to my destination time zone as soon as I board the flight.

What do you carry in your hand luggage?

1) A laptop – I have a Mac, it’s lightweight and perfect for travelling.

2) A book, to keep me amused – I recently read Shantaram which was amazing, so well written I thought it must have been autobiographical but it turned out it wasn’t, just a great story. I also enjoy a good audio book – so that you can close your eyes and rest at the same time, although it can send you to sleep!

3) A small aftershave – I wear Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male, it smells great and it’s actually quite a substantial bottle which can handle being knocked around in my bag

What do you usually eat and drink onboard?

I always eat a plate of fresh fruit in the lounge before I fly, it keeps me hydrated and it’s not too filling. Once I’m on board the plane, I like to drink a large cup of water before anything else. I really enjoy airplane food, I like that the meals are balanced.

What travel app can you not live without?

The British Airways app is fantastic for getting flight information and keeping track of my travel bookings. You can also use it to check in and look for great deals. I recently bought an iPad, so I now have this app on both my phone and iPad.

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