We all know the metonymic adage: the pen is mightier than the sword. Naturally Montblanc will have its own take on this. The luxury company that began as a maker of fine pens started a movement involving its writing instrument (and a piece of luggage). Called (Montblanc M) RED, it aims to raise funds in support of HIV/AIDS sufferers in Africa.

(Montblanc M) RED travel luggage
Alan Roura with its travel luggage

In partnership with (RED), the German company will be extending its 2018 Marc Newson Montblanc M with a piece of travel luggage and a new writing instrument. A 2018 study found seven million Africans are living with HIV, while 240,000 Africans were newly infected with the disease. Hence, with the sale of every (Montblanc M) RED product, Montblanc will donate 5 to (RED)’s Global Fund to support its HIV/AIDS programme in Africa. This covers 25 days of medication that helps prevent a HIV-infected mother from transmitting the disease to her child.

A closer look at the luggage offering finds a red polycarbonate shell with red leather on the handle and around the perimeters of the body. Its interior features motivational quotes in red: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”, “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none” and “Let’s make the right to tomorrow a reality for everyone”.

The nickel-coated (Montblanc M) RED writing instrument comes in a plateaued body with Montblanc’s emblem. In addition to the red-lacquer on its forepart, it also has a magnetic cap, with a snap mechanism for firm closure, and the campaign’s name is engraved on the nib and red ink feeder cover.

This special partnership with (RED) is more than just about raising funds for prevention and medication, it’s about educating others to understand that, as a community of global citizens, we can be more effective in ending epidemics like AIDS when we work together,” shared Montblanc CEO Nicolas Baretzki.

With World AIDS Day coming up on 1 December, this is a perfect time for the brand to establish its commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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