Truth be told, we’ve lost many sunglasses to the harsh demands of nature. We’ve permanently scuffed shades on rocks while bouldering and dropped them on rough terrain while running on trails. So, we went on a mission to find a brand that could withstand the extreme activities that we do on weekends yet still look good and remain at an affordable price point. We found Revo.

Man with Revo sunglasses

Created by Dr Mitchell Ruda, the coating on Revo was originally designed to protect billion-dollar satellites and astronauts in space from harmful radiation. Of course, as with all space technology, the iridescent coating found its way onto sunglasses, which was how the Revo brand started in 1985.

There’s a lot going on behind a simple pair of Revo sunglasses. The renowned Light Management System (LMS) gives your peepers 100 per cent UV protection, which can be said for most eyewear brands. What separates Revo from the rest is how it manages the light entering your eye cones.

Meridian RE6003 01 Graphite Lens, S$350
Enhances natural vibrant colours while blocking harmful rays and harsh glare

One of our pet peeves while wearing shades is how colours suddenly become muted and it can be hard to discern one hue from the rest. Revo’s LMS manages the full spectrum of light and reduces the amount of blue light, resulting in greater contrast between colours and brighter objects. At the same time, it filters our harmful light rays, the ones that can really damage your delicate eyes.

There are a whopping six layers coated on the lenses that does the job for you, followed by a final layer of hydrophobic coating on the back of the lens that repels water and sweat. Oh and did we mention the oleophobic coating at the top of all these layers that repel oil and fingerprints?

As for the lenses themselves, Revo sunglasses are carved from crystal, which is one notch tougher than the typical Crown Glass used to make other lenses. Revo Crystal lenses are scratch-resistant and are ground and polished to approximately the same standard as a camera lens. And when you think about it, camera lenses are valuable products that need to withstand what nature throws at them.

Hillside RE6017 09 Blue Water Lens, S$350
Revo’s class blue mirror coating-perfect for cutting glare in bright conditions on the water

Revo also creates shades made from Serilium, even tougher than crystal, incredibly lightweight and the kicker, shatter-proof.

And if all these facts still don’t convince you that Revo sunglasses might just be the best thing since sliced bread, the brand donates $10 to help those fighting for their sight for every pair you buy. It works with U2 frontman, Bono as well as the Brien Holden Vision Institute to spread this message and preventing vision impairment and blindness in more than five million children.

Look good and do good at the same time? We can get behind that.

Find authorised Revo dealers in Singapore and Malaysia.

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