Ironing your shirt seems simple enough. Switch on the iron, turn it to the right temperature, wait for it to heat up, then remove the creases. However, as anyone who has ironed a shirt before can attest to, even the simplest steps in the process can be a hard task – the rogue wrinkles that refuse to go away, the back yoke that everyone forgets, etc.

We enlist our fashion editor and resident iron expert to demonstrate the proper way of ironing your shirt in the video above.


  • Iron
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Shirt

Choosing the right iron is essential. Personally, we are fans of the Philips PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator Iron. The name is quite the mouthful but the iron itself is a simple engineering miracle. The OptimalTEMP technology means that you don’t have to fiddle with the temperature settings and the iron won’t burn the fabric even if you leave it sitting on the shirt.

Step One

Before you even start ironing, you should check that the iron is hot enough, which saves a lot of frustration. Squirt  on the heating surface of the iron with your spray bottle. If the water sizzles, that means it’s good to go.

Step Two

Dampen the shirt, just enough that you should be able to feel the moisture using your fingertips. Don’t worry about spraying too much. Dampening the shirt helps to remove small creases and makes it easy for your iron to smoothen the larger wrinkles.

Step Three

Start at the collar and iron inwards towards the shirt, which prevents unsightly creases on the edges of your collar. After that, move on to the cuffs and repeat the process. Remember to iron inwards too.

Step Four

Now, move on to the back yoke. This is a part many gentlemen miss out on. The back yoke is the fabric that connect the collar to the shirt’s backing. You can usually tell from the seam that runs across your shoulder blades. The yoke needs to be ironed separately from the back so that you can fully cover the entire fabric.

Step Five

After the yoke is done, you can start ironing the back. Don’t be afraid to moisten the shirt again if you need to. If your iron comes with a steam function, this is the best time to use it.

Step Six

Flip the shirt over and iron the front panels. Remember to iron in between the buttons.

Step Seven

Finally, move on to the sleeves. Prior to ironing them, align the seam allowances so that there is no strange iron crease that extends from your shoulder to your wrist. Hang your shirt on your hanger and admire your handiwork.

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