One would think that there aren’t many accessories one can associate with timepieces. With the exception of a multitude of straps for interchangeability and a nice watch box for the various timepieces, the general consensus is that a timepiece itself should be the focus and accessories surrounding the industry are secondary. Bernard Favre, a Neuchâtel-based craftsman, begs to differ however. 

For a long time now, Favre has lent his skills to many a brand in the region, creating tailor-made accessories for them. This experience has, as he puts it, provided him with an excellent insight into the value of a watch and how best to enhance it. When it comes down to the art of watchmaking, connoisseurs know that the meticulously hand-crafted pieces offer the most value. This was a lesson that Favre learnt when he designed and crafted his own series of watchwinders for his eponymous brand.

Why get a watchwinder?

Much like a proper wine chiller or a humidor for cigars, a watchwinder provides functional storage. In this case, it helps to wind automatic watches and power them such that there isn’t a need to wind them in the mornings before you head off for the day. And with any product of great design, there are many ways to skin a cat. What Bernard Favre does however, is provide an artisanal approach to the winder. 

The result of Favre’s innovation is a beautifully crafted and highly functional watchwinder collection. The Planet collection is not your average watchwinder. Rotating on dual-axes, Favre’s watchwinders in a sense work the same way that tourbillons do, minimising error by providing rotations of the watch on two different axes. For an automatic movement, this minimising of the wearing out of the gear could mean the difference of a few years when it comes to servicing.  

It wouldn’t be a luxury product if the aesthetics weren’t complementary to the function, of course. Borrowing from the highest levels of watchmaking, Bernard Favre’s watchwinders are a kinetic work of art to behold. The pitfalls of buying cheaper watchwinders tend to come in part from the materials used. With Favre, that is no excuse. Each watchwinder is crafted from the finest materials such as the gilded, polished black or stainless steel rings that catch the eye. Even the mechanical design has been thoroughly thought through. 

The Bernard Favre Planet also does not overwind watches thanks to nine different programming options, ensuring an optimal winding setting for any automatic timepiece. 

Bernard Favre’s Planet collection of watchwinders is available at Bernard Favre Asia Pacific. Call +65 94755529 to learn more about the brand’s watchwinders. 

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