“A Bomberg watch is for the man who doesn’t like watches,” I suggested to Marco Mascis, the chief operating officer of the Swiss watch brand, and he bursts into good-natured laughter. “Yes, you are exactly right!” he exclaims. Founded in 2012 in the heart of Switzerland, Bomberg might not be able to boast of the storied heritage that other older Swiss watchmakers possess but the brand more than makes up for it with a strong identity centred on provocation and unconventionality. Think bulldogs, chains wrapped around models, and tattoos galore. In essence, the most atypical Swiss watchmaker you’ll ever meet.

Its new Skull Rider collection is the epitome of this fearless attitude. The centrepieces of the range are the BOLT-68 Skull Rider automatic timepieces, which are available in three aptly named Bomberg-inspired colours (because calling it black, yellow and blue would be un-Bomberg-like): Blackheart, Hellgold and Eternity Blue.

Bomberg BOLT-68 Skull Rider watch

Inspired by the ride-or-die biker culture, the BOLT-68 Skull Rider timepiece is powered by the rather efficient Automatic ETA2671 movement that has a power reserve of 38 hours. The case has been treated with three types of PVD processes – black, 4N and light gun – to create the glow-in-the-dark effect on the eyes of the skull, the watch hands, the numbers on the dial and the Bomberg branding on the dial. And while the dial is a massive 47mm, the Skull Rider fits surprisingly well on the wrists.

The 3-in-1 system

But a Bomberg wouldn’t be a Bomberg if not for its innovative bayonet system, which transforms the wrist watch into one meant for your pockets (complete with medallion and chain) or into a desk clock through its accompanying desk accessory. And specially for the BOLT-68 Skull Rider, Bomberg created an accessory that can be attached to the handlebars of your motorbike so that you can install your watch onto the bike and make sure you’re keeping time while on the roads. Plus we have to say it just looks really cool.

The BOLT-68 Skull Rider with the handlebar accessory

Rounding off the Skull Rider collection are a series of accessories, from a pendant to a stainless steel bracelet, adorned with skulls and available in different colours. Some might think that it’s over the top. He’s the kind of man that wears a light blue shirt and black pants to the office every day, the sort who colours within the lines, never breaks any rules and would be swallowed by the crowd. This is not the type of man that Bomberg wants.

As Mascis keeps emphasising, the Bomberg man is one who embraces the unknown and dares to be different. Cookie cutter and tradition won’t cut it for him.

“Having said that though, I think there’s a bit of Bomberg in every man. He’s the one who just wants to break free from the mould and perhaps go a bit crazy on the weekends. We’re letting him be himself and speak for himself through Bomberg,” the white-shirted Mascis says to me with a sly wink. Do you have a Bomberg in you?

Bomberg timepieces and accessories are exclusively available at Watches of Switzerland Singapore. The BOLT-68 Skull Rider watch retails for S$5940 while the accessories start from S$170.

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