Just like architecture, watch design is an inspired art. With the Bulgari Aluminium, the original concept of marrying two unconventional materials – aluminium and rubber – resulted in the birth of an iconic timepiece which justly encapsulated the Italian house’s sporty sensibilities.

The Bulgari Aluminium
Photo: Bulgari

Nature abhors a vacuum, yet it is through the use of space that we see art take form. With watches, it isn’t just about about how the various elements of the dial interact with one another. The way a timepiece inhabits the space it occupies defines its nature, intersecting both form and function. Bulgari’s Aluminium is juxtaposition in action: industrial materials in a setting that would more commonly see precious metals and stones. Yet, it is through this juxtaposition that we discern the Bulgari Aluminium for what it is: bold, unexpected and limitless.

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Evigan Xiao
Evigan is an avid fan of bench-made boots, raw selvedge denim, single malt Scotch and fine watches. When he's not busy chuckling over image dumps on Imgur, he can be found lifting heavy objects in the gym or fussing over his two dogs, Velvet and Kenji. He dreams of one day owning a cottage in the English countryside and raising a small army of Canadian geese to terrorise the local populace.

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