Titled Octo Roma Naturalia, the new Bvlgari watch collection features personalised arm candies that conjure the mysterious riches of our world with each beating second.

Tackling the bespoke watch market with a state-of-the-art approach to customisable pieces, this bold line of creations heralds a new chapter in the world of luxury watchmaking. Tapping on the essence of Maestria, the collection employs a new application that allows customers to create personal pieces that embody their individuality.

While watchmaking has always lent itself to customisable creations, thanks to the exacting nature of Horlogerie, the introduction of the new Maestria application does so in a resolutely contemporary way – catering to the affluent and burgeoning demand for personalisation.

For its debut, the collection employs three rich natural stones created deep within the earth: Black Onyx, Lapis Lazuli and Malachite, imbued with legendary properties. The mythical Black onyx is a protective shield and conduit to inner strength; within elegant lapis lazuli exists to empower senses; green malachite is known as a stone of transformation.

With cases conceived with semi-precious stones and a high-end tourbillon, the lineup works in concert with the new Maestria application in Bvlgari boutiques, offering 30 possible iterations.

A Two Month Customisation Journey

A Bvlgari exclusive, customers will be led by client advisors through steps to personalise each magnificent timepiece. This includes selecting case materials and settings, choice of stone, as well as custom engravings. For every configuration, customers will see an overview of the design and the product details. They may also share this summary via email.
Those who are fickle-minded can opt for a “save it for later” option amidst the development process. Once the guest is satisfied with their one-of-a-kind creation, they can submit the order to Bvlgari to begin production. Along the way, they will be updated at every step of the watch construction, with details and pictures.

With the introduction of the Maestria application and the new Octo Roma Naturalia line, Bvlgari watches build a bridge from ancient history into the future. This affords them the notion as an unremittingly evolving force of nature at the forefront of watchmaking innovation. Don’t be surprised if there is a sequel to this collection.


(Images: Bvlgari)

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