YOU may not know or remember this, but it was a single watch that saved the Swiss watch industry from collapsing under the weight of the Quartz Crisis. And that timepiece? Swatch.

Swatch Fall/Winter 2018 Deep Wonder

A contraction of “Second Watch”, the Swatch watch that’s ubiquitous today was conceived as an affordable response to the cheap, quartz-powered digital watches that were coming out of the Far East in the 1970s. Its analogue display mirrored traditional Swiss mechanical watches’, but it was built with industrialisation – and cost – in mind. The Swatch watch came with a wide range of designs and its own marketing campaign, and successfully sold the idea that one could (and should) own multiple watches of different styles. Several million were sold within years from its introduction in 1983, and the revenue generated helped to propel the Swiss watch industry out of its dark ages.

Since then, the Swatch watch has largely maintained its raison d’être; variety’s the spice of life, and there’s no flavour of it quite like Swatch’s. From the platinum cased Tresor Magique to the robot assembled Sistem51, Swatch has never stopped offering a bewildering range of novelties year after year. The brand’s steady parade of new seasonal offerings is something aficionados and collectors have come to love and anticipate, and the new Fall/Winter 2018 collection is the latest to drop.

Swatch Fall/Winter 2018 Deep WonderSwatch Fall/Winter 2018 Deep Wonder

The new collection’s highlight is the Deep Wonder line, which plays with textures, gradients, and patterns to create visual interest, while keeping to relatively muted palettes to convey sophistication. On the wrist, the Deep Wonder line’s timepieces offer different things to see depending on how far the observer is. What looks like a colour-graduated watch when observed from a distance, for example, will give way to micro-details such as a textured Alcantara strap, or a radially brushed dial – subtlety’s the key here, and there’s much to see if one knows where to look. The Deep Wonder series is perhaps best suited for the month’s deluge of parties and gatherings, with its tonal palette promising to dress up any outfit and its details lending a touch of refinement.

Swatch Fall/Winter 2018 Deep Wonder

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