You would think that running a business might be the most challenging thing entrepreneur and Ferrari race car driver Martin Berry has ever done but he begs to differ, even if he wouldn’t change it for the world. We chat with the man behind Gong Cha Korea and the CEO of Brandhaus Capital Partners on fatherhood.

Ferrari Watches
Martin is wearing the Scuderia Ferrari XXKERS Extreme in red silicone strap and his son Josh is wearing Scuderia Ferrari RedRev in honeycomb detailing and silicone strap

How do you balance your business pursuits with your fatherly duties?

I’m fortunate that I can set my son as my biggest priority. I’ll never have a work meeting after 3.30pm and my wife and I will never travel at the same time. My wife and I always make sure that one of us is with him in the country at all times.Being able to be such a big part of his life is a priority for me and it’s very rewarding as a parent.

You lead a privileged lifestyle. How do you make sure that your son understands that, so to speak?

Yes, this is something that worries me a lot. My wife and I did not come from rich families, so we were both driven to create a lifestyle we wanted. If this is the baseline of normal for our son, how does he get excited or motivated in the future?

My dad instilled the values of ethics, fairness and equality in me and it’s something I want to instil in Josh as well. We regularly volunteer with the Make-A-Wish foundation so that I can expose him to different lifestyles and make him realise how fortunate he is.

What have been the greatest lessons you learned from fatherhood?

The biggest lessons have been the triumph of letting nature take its course. Sometimes you can see them doing something wrong but you have to let them go and let them learn from their experiences.

I remember when was he telling me a bit of a white lie but instead of getting mad at him, I decided to let it run its course. Eventually the truth came out. He couldn’t hide it anymore and he had to deal with the consequences of those actions. He hasn’t repeated it since.

I guess as parents, we can be quite controlling but it’s purely out of love and passion for your child. Sometimes you have to just let them go and let them learn their own lessons.

Ferrari Watches
Martin and his son Josh are wearing Scuderia Ferrari RedRev Father and Son Pair Watches in honeycomb detailing and silicone strap

What’s the proudest moment you’ve had as a father?

There’s no single thing I want to glorify or isolate. I’m just proud of the direction he’s heading towards. He’s caring, compassionate and has good manners. I’m happy to see the young adult he’s becoming.

Tell me about your association with Ferrari and how it started.

I’ve been a Ferrari customer for about three years now.

When I was Josh’s age (nine years old) I had a picture of Ferrari on my wall. I never thought I would actually end up buying it. A lot of people see it as an extravagant purchase. But for me it’s a symbol and a reminder of how far I’ve come.

My relationship with Ferrari has blossomed to become one where I’m sort of an ambassador and I get access to some cool stuff in terms of creating content. It’s been a dream come true for me to be able to build a relationship with a brand that I’ve always aspired to own.

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