“Everyone grew up with a G-Shock. It’s our generation’s watch,” Eddi Yip insists. The Hong Kong-born founder of adFunture Workshop and VEIL was recently in town to unveil (punny, I know) Casio’s latest collaboration with Yip – the Master of G Collection of World Protectors and Crafted G-Shocks. “G-Shock is not just part of a culture, it has an entire sub-culture on its own. As a long-time fan and collector, I feel honoured to be able to creatively contribute to the G-Shock universe with my designs and to introduce the ‘Master of G’ designer figurines and watches specifically for collectors and G-Shock fans here in Singapore, ” Yip shared with me. 

G-Shock: Toying It Up-am_il_v1001_i_5148e12b30548a84bf65fe53fecb098573_36924bcd0df71720e9fe09db538f282a53

The three watches were inspired by G-Shock’s Master of G collection that sees timepieces built for Air, Land and Sea. When asked why toys to go along with the watches, Yip laughed and replied, “I love toys, man. You should have seen my wife’s face yesterday when we went shopping. I bought like half a store.”  Yip’s love for toys led him to open his own designer toy company that allowed designers to portray their works through his firm. 

G-Shock: Toying It Up-am_il_v1001_i_52462645a2b7447e17e0ae82e763744c47_f9e9206ddb7195822cd62576181ad43c04

G-Shock X adFunture X VEIL Gravity Master GPW-1000 – $1,099

“The Masters are the adult version of what we used to wear – when I was younger, the rage was for the Mudman. Now that I’m older, the Mud Master does it for me,” explained Yip on the evolution of Casio’s G-Shock timepieces. Yip then went on to share his thinking process for the design element in each limited edition watch they have. For example, the G-Shock Gravity Master GPW-1000 above was inspired by “stealth jet fighters” while the G-Shock Gulf Master GWN-1000 sees “the blues of the ocean as well as the hatchet marking from submarine floors.” 

G-Shock: Toying It Up-am_il_v1001_i_de0a722a30abcc88e5f528c4c3cbf6c524_9c9472be4830926439ecfce26ebc795181

G-Shock X adFunture X VEIL Gulf Master GWN-1000 – $649

Yip shared, “The design still has to echo a story of the watch. That’s the fun part about designing.” While the limits of designing the watches were confined to the straps, Yip has hopes that the future might bring change. “I would love to design a watch from the case and everything. That’d be a kick-ass collab.”

G-Shock: Toying It Up-am_il_v1001_i_7462438bcef5302b4a6c368c67ee87d967_e113805a435d7e5d7a35973a08b3c4dc46

G-Shock X adFunture X VEIL Mud Master GWG-1000 – $999

The limited edition run for the Master of G Designer Collection is available at all G-Factory stores in Singapore from 11 December onwards. 

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