Kross Studio has put their creative touch on a variety of timepieces and watch-related paraphernalia over the years. Their range of Star Wars watches and winders as well as DC-inspired timepieces certainly come to mind. This year though, Kross Studio has set its sights on the Game of Thrones.

The Swiss design studio’s latest collab in the world of pop culture is inspired by the beloved fantasy series and its spinoff, House of the Dragon. Pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity once again, the renegade design studio has unveiled a series of limited-edition sets featuring its central floating tourbillon watch and a functional dragon egg sculpture.

Each one-of-a-kind set in the series is dedicated to a single dragon from the fantasy epic Game of Thrones and its successor series, House of the Dragon. These masterfully crafted works of art seamlessly blend inspiration from the iconic world of Westeros with cutting-edge watchmaking.

Time For A Targaryen

According to the design studio, the watch designed by Kross Studio Founder Marco Tedeschi was crafted with all the precision and elegance a member of the Targaryen family would demand for a custom commission.

The watch embodies the Targaryen’s distinct aesthetic codes, from its opulent watch case to the intricate details of its movement. A key feature is the manual-winding patented floating central tourbillon, which offers a breathtaking view of the inner workings of the movement.

With the tourbillon and its fixed second wheel levitating above the movement and hands, the design provides a never-before-seen perspective into the mesmerizing mechanics of the tourbillon. Both the hours and minutes are displayed in a unique peripheral format made possible by a planetary gear system that orbits 360° around the tourbillon.

A 12-factor gear ratio allows the planetary system to empower the progression of the hours. Adding to this innovation, the hour-and-minute display system is fixed on two broad, high-precision ball bearings designed to optimize the movement’s efficiency.

Valyrian Steel

It won’t be a Game of Thrones inspired watch without certain key elements injected into the timepiece. To ensure that continuity worthy of the fantasy series, Kross Studio made a conceited effort to synthesize key elements of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon into the watch.

One of the main areas is its dial, which is made of Damasteel. Reminiscent of Valyrian steel, fans will recognize its striated appearance, made up of multiple dark and shimmering layers. The Damascus steel used in the GOT Dragon Central Tourbillon dial is crafted by Damasteel, the same foundry that forged the metal used in the HBO series’ swords.

On the outside, the ergonomic grade 5 titanium watch case imitates the scales of a dragon through intricate three-dimensional engraving.  The Targaryen House sigil, a three-headed dragon breathing flame, is found on the centre of the watch case back. Each case back is uniquely identified by the engraved name of the singular dragon that inspired the collector set, with only one set dedicated to a single dragon.

Nice Eggs

Kross Studio Game Of ThronesThe timepiece is presented with a Dragon Egg Functional Sculpture produced in collaboration with French workshop and WB licensee Leblon Delienne, long renowned for their incomparable expertise in crafting figurines and pop sculptures. Each resin Dragon Egg has been painstakingly airbrushed to create a unique finish that is wholly individual, and each’s design draws inspiration from a particular dragon.

According to Kross Studio, the shape of the egg was created using a 3D scan of the TV show props. It opens to serve as a nest, to store the Kross Studio Floating Central Tourbillon timepiece or any watch of choice. The design was carefully planned down to the smallest detail. The watch base features seven slots: one for each of the saga’s seven kingdoms. The two towers that hold the watch cushion are inspired by the design of Dragonstone castle, the ancestral seat of House Targaryen.

As a first run, Kross Studio has released the first five unique collector sets with more to come. Each set will be dedicated to the dragons presented in the fantasy saga Game of Thrones and its prequel House of the Dragon.

Kross Studio Game of Thrones – House of the Dragon Collector Set Specs & Price

Case 45mm Grade 5 Titanium
Movement Manual-winding patented floating central tourbillon
Price CHF 108,000

(Images: Kross Studio)

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Kross Studio Drops New Game Of Thrones Inspired Timepieces

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