In a limited edition release, the Jacob & Co. Gotham City debuts a Batman-inspired capsule boasting a big Bat logo on the watch’s dial.

As the Dark Knight of Gotham rises once again, master horologer Jacob & Co couldn’t resist but create their very own Batwatch, matching the caliber of Bruce Wayne. Matt Reeves’ The Batman is currently the world’s latest obsession staring Robert Patinnson as the Caped Crusader and Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, reviving Gotham’s dark and enigmatic essence. In standard Batman fashion, we see new tech, new tricks, and a new Batmobile.

Interestingly, contrary to many superheroes, the Bat is still, simply human, and I think it’s this factor that contributed to its cult following today. He doesn’t possess any flying abilities, can’t shoot webs, nor super-strength, relying entirely on his grit, fighting skill, and apparatus. And where does the apparatus come from?

Well, with a hefty family fortune and Wayne Enterprises’ R&D at his command, he develops equipment and vehicles of sheer mechanical mastery, advanced technology, and comprised of ultra-rare materials. Doesn’t this remind you of a Swiss horologer with a similar penchant and dabbles in the same craft? Yes, Jacob & Co. Take a look at their Batman-inspired Gotham City watch.

Jacob & Co. Gotham City: The Batman

jacob & co gotham city batman


The Jacob & Co. Gotham City watches effortlessly meets both alter-egos – First, the mechanical genius of the Dark Knight. Second, the suave of billionaire Bruce Wayne. It arrives in two forms, a matte black DLC titanium and 18K rose gold. Apart from the case-make, the pieces see bare minimal updates to the J&C profile and are mostly identical. Also, it’s thick. The 45.5-mm case is 17.2-mm thick. In terms of detailing, the crown gets a rubber cover for added grip. It’s actually designed to mimic Batmobile’s tire, which traditionally boasts the Bat’s logo as rims. Depending on which case variant, you’ll either see it as a rose gold logo with black lacquer or a black logo with yellow lacquer.

Upon close inspection of the dial, you’ll realize that Jacob & Co. have strategically positioned elements to fit both, the big Bat-dial, as well as their mechanical mastery. Let’s talk about the former first – See that big Batman logo? it’s be cut out of a slab of onyx with a yellow Neoralithe contour that creates its signature contrast. Also yes, it boasts Super-LumiNova. The hour markers and hands match their respective case materials. Down South, you see its mechanical elegance on display with two flying, sequential, high-speed, triple-axis tourbillons that rotate at 24 and 48 seconds. Furthermore, the case rotating these tourbillons boast a spring that accumulates energy allowing the cages to jump forward. Alot further than your usual tourbillon.

Flip the watch over and you’re in for another treat. Depending on which variant you choose, you see two distinct artworks of the Caped Crusader. The black DLC showcases a signature drawing penned by the most influential Batman artist in the last two decades, Jim Lee, in black and yellow lacquer. The 18K rose gold on the other hand, simply shows off the rear of the flying tourbillons. The central bridge though, takes shape of the Batman logo.

I see no reason why a Batman superfan would turn away from copping this wonder considering the vintage artistry and technical elegance onboard. The Jacob & Co. Gotham City will be a limited edition of twice 36 pieces (for each edition).

All images: Courtesy Jacob & Co.

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