Anyone who has ever had the chance of watching a game of rugby knows that it’s not an easy one. Eighty minutes of not just skill, but explosive power with some of the most burly men in the world hurtling down the pitch at scary speeds. It’s also one of the most tactical competitive sports out there that requires dedicated teamwork. It’s also the homeground of I’d dare say, some of the scariest men alive and one of the best teams to ever compete in the game – the All Blacks.

The All Blacks don’t need much introduction.

They’ve played 50 matches in the eight Rugby World Cup tournaments from 1987 to 2015. They’ve won the 1987, 2011 and 2015 tournaments (with other teams only winning two tournaments). They are the only team never to have lost a pool match and to have always qualified in first place from every group. They’re also now the official ambassadors of Swiss watchmaker, Tudor.

AUGUSTMAN takes a look at some of the most iconic moments from the All Blacks that define the #BorntoDare spirit of Tudor.

The Comeback

In the last minute of a 2013 match, Ireland’s team looked to have the jump on the All Blacks, leading them 22-17. Through sheer will, the All Blacks cobbled together a last try, slowly but surely, pushing up across the field. No panicking, no mistakes – just eyes on the prize. We don’t want to spoil it for you so check out the video to relive the action.

The Dance of Death

Even folk outside the rugby circle know of the haka, a traditional Māori war cry or war dance that warriors used to perform before a battle. The group shouts and proclaims their strength, daring others to come in their way. The All Blacks’ tradition of performing the dance right before a match is a hallowed one with fans (of both teams) often hushed in awe. Personally, the idea of standing in front of the All Blacks as they’re threatening your life (and promising to do just that to you in the match) is a terrifying one and credit must be given to opposing team for standing there and embracing it.

The Raw Speed

Rieko Ioane is just 20 this year and yet, it’s been established that he’s a beast that other teams should be very, very scared of. The All Blacks recently shared a video of the explosive speed the young man has, breaking away from the the line and rushing the opponent’s faster than they can react. That hunter instinct is not of the everyday man, and truly shared only by someone born to dare.

The Determination

There have been several legendary rugby legends that have played for the All Blacks. Richie McCaw belongs in that higher echelon of recognition, captaining the All Blacks in 110 out of his 148 test matches, and winning two Rugby World Cups in his time. He currently sits as the most capped test rugby player of all time, and has won the World Rugby player of the year award a joint record three times. He was also one of the youngest awardees of The Order of New Zealand, the country’s highest honour, limited to only 20 living New Zealanders.

A gentlemen on the field, and off, McCaw has always pushed the boundaries of playing with his mind. As several fans note, “He may not be the fastest, nor the biggest, but he was the smartest player.”

The Legacy

Compiling the best moments of the All Blacks feels like a monumental effort. In every game the team plays, that warrior spirit and drive to just win at all costs is there. It’s been present all throughout the All Blacks’ illustrious history and there is no doubt that it will last forever. The #borntodare spirit that Tudor as a brand has always looked out for is really best shown in this video with the team pushing limits.

Tudor’s timepieces have been crafted with durability and strength in mind for a long time now and the brand’s release of the Heritage Black Bay Dark is the perfect watch to accompany the gents of the All Blacks, both in looks and function.

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