Dear Speedmaster,

I still remember the first time I saw you.

I couldn’t have been more than 10 years old and a family friend had you on the wrist. I remember him saying, “This is the watch that went to the moon.” Well, not the exact one obviously but he didn’t bother to correct a kid’s imagination on that one. And that always stuck. The idea that this watch made it past the skies and up in space blew me away. 

You’ve come a long way, Speedy. You’re turning 60 this year and still very much an icon. I visited the Omega museum a while back hoping to get a glimpse of your early days and I must say, it’s nice to know you haven’t changed. Sure, you’ve experimented a little (remember the Alaska Project?) but you’ve always kept to your roots and that’s something all of us have appreciated. I’m older now and you’re still very much the same Moonwatch I saw 17 years back. 

Not many people may know that you had your origins in racing as the name suggests but the tracks weren’t where you belonged – the stars were your destiny after all. With the situation on the planet getting a little more dire every day, NASA’s responsibility to explore space even further is growing. You’re still a timely reminder on the wrist that there is much more work to do. 

And that’s your legacy, Speedy. So thank you.

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