The new expression of the Carrera, the Carrera Date, have us all covetous like Ryan Gosling in the new TAG Heuer short film

THE YEAR 2023 is a historic milestone for the Carrera as TAG Heuer marks the timepiece’s 60th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, they’ve recently released a short film starring Ryan Gosling and Vanessa Bayer (known for her work in Saturday Night Live and her recurring role in season seven of Brooklyn Nine-Nine). 

The short film is a fun ride, full of action-comedy hallmarks, meta humour, sight gags and that trademark Gosling charisma. In it, Gosling is performing an action scene for a TAG Heuer Carrera ad directed by David Leitch of Deadpool and John Wick 2 fame (therein lies the source for a lot of the meta humour) but is reluctant to part with the watch used for the shoot – the new TAG Heuer Carrera Date in a gorgeous pink dial. This, of course, angers the prop master, played by Bayer, and shenanigans ensue.

It is worth noting here that the TAG Heuer Carrera Date is an ideal stunt watch. At 36 mm, its sporty, non-cumbersome silhouette is a refinement of the racing-inspired sports watch. The case is also thinner than the previous Carrera by 2 mm, while the length from lug to lug has been reduced to 41.6 mm. It’s smaller, but its impact and aesthetics have been amplified.

The TAG Heuer Carrera Date comes in four different colourways, and these variations display a bolder approach to aesthetics. The silver-on-steel one, with 18K 5N rose gold indices, is the epitome of restraint and refinement, luxurious and subtle in equal measure.

But the Carrera Date can also be a statement piece, with dials coming in vivid pink or noble blue as well. A refined pastel green is also available. These hues look brilliant with the sunray-brushed finish, giving the dial a modern elegance.

Despite the changes in size and hue, the Carrera is, at its core, the same watch that Jack Heuer had designed and declared as one of his proudest. He was inspired by a famous (and famously dangerous) Mexican road race called the Carrera Panamericana, and wanted to create a highly legible sports watch that a racer could use to keep time. 

Six decades on, the TAG Heuer Carrera is an icon, known as a stylish, eternally modern, superbly engineered wristwatch for forward-thinking people. The Date is yet another bold step forward for the Carrera.

Underneath the aesthetics, TAG Heuer has packed more into the Date’s smaller frame, giving it an upgrade from its predecessors with the Calibre 7 Automatic. Previous Carreras were outfitted with the Calibre 5 movement, which gave them a 38-hour power reserve. The Calibre 7 tops that, giving the Date an impressive 56-hour power reserve.

Knowing all this, I watched the short film again and I have to admit – I would fight off a prop master to keep the TAG Heuer Carrera Date, too. 

(Images: TAG Heuer Carrera Date)

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TAG Heuer Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Carrera with Carrera Date
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