Following a surf trip to Hossegor in France, Adam Bonvin birthed Alaïa not just to recreate that surfing and action sports atmosphere in Switzerland but also to share the values associated with it. Noting a kindred spirit in Alaïa, Tudor proposed a bold and enduring collaboration, which included the Alaïa Bay, Alaïa Lodge, Alaïa Chalet and Alaïa Wake Surf, following in the footsteps of other sportive partnerships.

The name “Alaïa” is inspired by the first surfboards used by Hawaiians. Surfing is at the root of several board sports, including skateboarding and snowboarding, so it seemed a perfect fit for Tudorʼs signature, #BornToDare, and a bold project that links perfectly with a bold watchmaking brand.

tudor surfing

Borne of the will to go beyond the standards, Tudorʼs watchmaking philosophy draws its inspiration from its heritage, while incorporating state-of-the-art technology, exclusive innovations and pioneering creativity.

Keeping the best of the past but surpassing the standards, Tudor watches are made for those, who like Alaïaʼs guests, are born to dare. Shared values are brought to life in various settings, the Tudor brand visible not only in the project’s common spaces, but also on the coaches’ outfits at  .

Created by Hans Wilsdorf, the Tudor Watch Company was given a mandate to explore new territories and break new grounds while offering “a watch that (his) agents could sell at a more modest price than (his) Rolex watches, and yet could attain (its) standards of dependability”.

Today, Tudor has not drifted away from the original vision. But while the brand is still devoted to the classics, adhering to the fundamentals of excellence, the design of a Tudor watch reinterprets a rich history to create something truly unique ‒ it rejects the status quo, and instead births a bold fusion of the original and the contemporary in an unrivalled proposition.

Consider the Pelagos. It is steeped in Tudorʼs Milsub heritage and yet is a completely unique horological creation. Wilsdorfʼs vision was for a watch built for people who regularly step out of their comfort zone.

Which is why a Tudor can be found on a land race through rough Alpine roads, on ice accompanying the British North Greenland Expedition, in the air issued to the para rescue teams of the U.S. Air Force, or underwater with the frogmen of the French Navy, and today, on surfboards riding the waves of the ocean. A Tudor is designed to perform in all conditions.

(Images: Tudor)

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Tudor Surfs The Waves With Alaïa
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