Over the weekend, AUGUSTMAN was privileged enough to visit Monaco and live it up on TAG Heuer‘s yacht for the Grand Prix. While he had some time to explore, Sean decided to pay the Casino de Monte Carlo a visit, for a glimpse into the high roller life (and wrists). Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the casino itself so you’ll have to use an ounce of imagination. 

Outside the very, very grand entrance of the casino was a parked Mansory 6×6 Extreme, an aftermarket, souped up version of a monster that we’ll never see here in Singapore. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc., were all pushed to the sides in favour of your Rolls Royce Phantoms and vintage cars. (it was about here that Sean started wondering if a tuxedo would’ve been a better choice of outfit)

We managed to catch the driver taking it for a spin later on in the night and the 6×6 wheels really don’t mess around. 

The Watches

Yes, we caught a glimpse of a Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Dial on the wrist of a pit boss. And yes, we might have squealed a little. The watch, a commemorative effort with James Cameron after his descent to the Marianas Trench, is identical in all ways to the other Deepseas but thanks to its graduated blue dial and history with Cameron, requires owners to be on a waiting list. 

On the wrist of a relatively tipsy Middle-Eastern man who seemed to be cussing out the blackjack dealer under his breath, was the very sought-after Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712G-001. The moonphase and power reserve indicating watch caught our eyes from far away, as any Nautilus is wont to do. We didn’t stick around too long after the fella’s luck seemed to dip even further. 

Not just limited to the casino, we saw Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Offshore Chronographs several times during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. In airport terminals, restaurants, parties – the love for the Royal Oak and its larger counterpart are still very much part of sports culture. At the Casino de Monte Carlo however, Sean caught a glimpse of a B series Royal Oak (as seen below) on the wrist of a lady, sipping her martini. That’s about as close to an advertisement that real life can mimic. 

Other honourable mentions include several full yellow gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytonas, one full yellow gold Royal Oak that we couldn’t identify as the owner was playing blackjack single-handedly in a very cool manner, one Samsung Gear S3 (that to be honest, seemed more out of place than Sean himself), as well as plenty of Cartier Tanks. 

As much as we were hoping to see plenty more bedazzled pieces as well as bottles of champagne being popped constantly, the vibe at the Casino de Monte Carlo seemed much more mellow than other casinos in Asia we’ve visited. Chalk it up to the timing (10pm was still considered early apparently) but the timepieces reflected that chill atmosphere. 

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