Niseko has long been the go-to spot for winter sport in Japan, but with the recent launch of Club Med Tomamu, it is beginning to see some competition. We recently got a chance to check out Club Med’s lavish new spot, and absolutely loved it. If you’re looking to hit the slopes with the family but don’t want to have to go through the ordeal of planning meals, and activities, we can’t recommend this spot enough. You ought to book early though, the resort saw a very busy inaugural season. Without further ado though, here are 5 things we loved about the resort, and are pretty sure you will too.

1) Ski and Snowboarding Lessons

The resort is right smack on the foot of the Tomamu mountains, a great spot for both skiing and snowboarding. Club Med not only provides you with all the gear you will need for those snow sports, it also offers lessons for all levels of proficiency – at no extra cost. Classes range from the absolute basics like gearing up, to advanced level stuff like riding through trees. There are even lessons for kids, so your little tykes won’t be left out of the wintery fun.

2) Glorious Food

To be honest, when I heard that meals would be provided at the resort, considering it is all-inclusive, I was not expecting much. Boy, was I wrong. Meals at Club Med Tomamu are held in this massive dining hall with numerous kitchens to pick from. There’s Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Western, Korean, and a salad bar. Even if you’re there for a whole week, you won’t get sick of the food here because they constantly switch up the menu. Pro tip: Have as much Hokkaido soft serve as you can. You won’t regret it.

3) Nightly Parties

After a full day of skiing and snowboarding, I thought we’d all head back to our rooms to catch some Z’s. Again, I was wrong. Every night, Club Med holds a themed party at their bar, which by the way, has free flow booze all day. The parties are helmed by the multi-talented staff, or Gracious Organisers (GOs), and aren’t the cringey affairs that you would expect. These are full-blown performances by a five piece band, or elaborately choreographed dance numbers.

4) Mina-Mina Beach

If need a break from the cold, we recommend taking a quick dip at Mina-mina Beach, a huge indoor pool facility right next to the resort. The water is maintained at a nice 30 deg Celsius or higher, so it’s a great place to just soak and relax. If you fancy yourself a massage, this is also the place to get one. It is however, a chargeable service.

5) World-class Service

The thing I enjoyed most about Club Med Tomamu was its “feel-good vibe”. From the moment we were greeted by the GOs upon arrival, right till they bid us goodbye, the service extended to us was stellar. On one of the mornings, I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation between Merlin, the resort’s GM, and a guest. The latter, a tall slender woman still decked out in her ski attire, was sharing that her flight had been cancelled, and because she and her husband were traveling with their two young ones, things were more complicated. Merlin offered to host them another night, but the lady politely declined, saying they’d have to spend more than they had originally intended to. With a look of concern on her face, Merlin put her hand on the lady’s arm and told her not to worry. She’d figure out a way to get them home.

When Club Med tells you your stay is all-inclusive, they truly mean it. I’m already planning my trip for next year. Book yours here.

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