When Augustman visited Alila Soori and Alila Uluwatu in November 2015, we were impressed by the management’s commitment to sustainable tourism. We are happy to learn that further to deploying innovative design with an eco-conscious approach, Alila Hotels & Resorts has now implemented a Zero Waste policy across all its properties in Bali.

Bali is well known for its stunning rice fields, forests, rivers, mountains and beaches, but in recent years its landfill sites have become an increasing threat to the environment. Their explosive greenhouse gasses – which are 20 times more potent than CO² — are being leached into the farmland and watercourses used by the local communities.

In response to this, Alila has taken a zero tolerance to waste. Each of its hotel’s PIONEER team (Positive Impact on Nature, Environment and Earth’s Resources) will be responsible for upholding the zero-to-landfill status and to ensuring Alila is in no way contributing to the problem. Alongside this, PIONEER team members will look at ways to encourage local communities and guests to think differently about waste and the impact it has on the environment. Initiatives include incentivising waste collection for local village residents, and primary school kids will be encouraged to bring their waste to school, in return Alila will contribute to the school fund.

Alila will be investing in an Integrated Sustainable Resource Recovery Facility (iSuRRF) and laboratory where all waste will be transformed into value and diverted through a series of simple yet proven technical, biological and engineering systems. A full composting system will be implemented for all organic waste in each hotel. A permaculture organic garden will also be introduced to help develop sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems. For instance, the technology will convert otherwise uneconomic waste plastics like wraps and films into a light green crude oil that will be distilled down to diesel, kerosene, gasoline for reuse in the hotels.

Frederic Flageat-Simon, CEO of Alila Hotels & Resorts comments,

“The amount of passion and dedication that has already gone into developing this initiative is inspiring. I am so proud to be part of a team that has such a strong commitment to sustainable tourism.”

COO Guy Heywood concludes that “being able to see the benefits of our efforts will hopefully bring home the importance of Zero Waste to Landfill projects, for our employees, for our guests and for the local communities.”


You can learn more about Alila’s responsible community projects in Bali at www.alilahotels.com

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