We love Yung Raja, we absolutely do. Everything about who he is as an individual, as a public personality, fashion icon and as a musician resonates deeply with the Augustman team. But if there’s one side of him we have not been privy to, it’s Yung Raja the traveler. Obviously, he’s been on the road many times throughout his career. Talking to him, we realise that when one travels that often, that broadly, coupled with the demands of performing live, it’s important to develop habits to help maintain balance and clarity.

And we can now get a glimpse into Yung Raja’s travel habits and even experience it for ourselves in his latest collaboration with Holiday Inn Singapore Little India – Guest How Yung Raja Guests. The rap star has curated a series of experiences for guests to get Turnt Up for the day ahead and Wind Down as the night calls for respite.

Turnt Up features The Spice Boy Welcome, an assortment of favourite traditional bar snacks on a tray, alongside bottles of refreshing cold pressed juices loaded up in the mini fridge, and Mad Blessings, a gender neutral wrist corsage made of some of Yung Raja’s favourite flowers, including jasmines, roses, and tuberoses. Wind Down, on the other hand, invites you to put some chill back into proceedings with Vibe Like Raja, a playlist of some of Yung Raja’s favourite South Indian and Tamil bops, put together by the artist himself for guests to enjoy, and Mami Knows Best premium amenities provided for guests of the Yung Raja experience consisting of fun travel essentials, including bamboo toiletries, aromatherapy, a furoshiki wrap, and even a loofah. Signing up for the experience also allows guests the truly exquisite joy of being able to check out much later, at 4pm.

Guest Like Yung Raja helps you get Turnt Up for the day ahead

Part of the IHG Hotels & Resorts’ global marketing campaign “Guest How You Guest”, the celebrity partnerships first kicked off in the US with GRAMMY award-winning artist Jazmine Sullivan and former world number 1 tennis player Andy Roddick, and has since launched worldwide, including in Thailand with actor Golf Pichaya at Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road, and Vietnam with actress-model Ninh Duong Lan Ngọc at InterContinental Hanoi Westlake.

Guest Like Yung Raja at the Holiday Inn Singapore Little India

And we couldn’t think of a more suitable personality to bring the campaign home to Singapore than Yung Raja. So in our second interview of the year with him, we talk to Yung Raja about what he’s like as a traveler.

Augustman: Tell us about Yung Raja the touring artist. Do you travel with an entourage? What do you do before and after the press meets and the gigs?

Yung Raja: I travel with my manager and  DJ Luqhere. I love having just a few key people around me before my shows. Before I get on stage, I meditate for about 30 minutes before my performance starts. Mentally, I visualise the entire sequence of my set list – the lyrics, talking points etc. I also say a prayer to my ancestors for strength, clarity and composure on stage. It has always helped me centre and ground myself before the madness pre-show.

Yung Raja has a few quirks when travelling

What are some of your quirks while travelling?

I do not go anywhere without my travel neck pillow. That is probably the next most important thing next to my passport and phone. Seats-wise, I much prefer window seats over aisle seats just so that I can catch a glimpse of my surroundings. Day flights over night flights for me as I am fascinated by cloud formations. When I’m in another city, my first order of business is trying their local cuisine to immerse myself into the country’s culture.

How do you make sure things don’t go too crazy when you’re on the road? 

Meditation. Doing video calls with my mum. Spending alone time when I get to the hotel. I enjoy massages and saunas in quiet. These are a few things I love that help me protect my restore my sanity and energy.

Yung Raja: “Meditation. Doing video calls with my mum. Spending alone time when I get to the hotel. I enjoy massages and saunas in quiet. These are a few things I love that help me protect my restore my sanity and energy.”

Tell us, in your words and to your experience, about this partnership with IHG.

It has been a one of a kind experience curating this experience with IHG Hotels & Resorts. I have been staying at their hotels for years and to get this opportunity to be a part of their project allows me to share a personal insight to everything I love in a hotel stay, and what are travel essentials for me while I’m on the road. From the start at check-in till the very end at check-out; are actually very key moments to making your entire stay a pleasant one.  I am so grateful to be able to be a part of this at every step of the way to fully personalise an experience that I would like to share with everyone. From the selected music to the curated scents that were thoughtfully thought out with care – I truly hope the experience will be a wonderful one for other visitors.

I really align with IHG’s belief that when people are cared for, they feel free to be themselves and gain the most from their travel experience – ultimately it just makes me really happy to contribute to a campaign that I feel true to and that celebrates individuality, even in how we travel.

We have here some of your favourite snacks. Tell us about them. 

Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms and Murukku Manis were the two snacks that I made sure to include as part of the “Guest How Yung Raja Guests” experience. Pappadums and Murukku are my top 2 favourite snacks of all time. My mom has always made them both from scratch and it is a nice savoury and sweet combination that I have always enjoyed tremendously. These snacks evoke many lovely memories of my Mum’s cooking and love that was shown through her cooking. This is something I truly hold dear to my heart.

If you’re on holiday – not touring – what’s your favourite kind of hotel? A luxurious city-centre hotel or a resort getaway?

Being born and raised in city though amidst lush greenery – I tend to lean towards hotels that are more city-based  because it gives me easy access and relation to the culture and lifestyle I am accustomed to. Having said that,  a resort getaway is always a great option when  I need some quiet to decompress and calibrate to balance the work-life balance that is so often neglected.

What’s Yung Raja the tourist/traveler like?

If i were to sum it up,  I would say I pride myself as a well-packed, organised, independent, and fun-loving  explorer/traveller. 😊

To book the “Guest How Yung Raja Guests” experience, please visit Holiday Inn Singapore Little India. Room rates start from S$388++ per night. 

written by.

Suffian Hakim

Senior Writer, Augustman Singapore
Senior Writer at Augustman inside the office. Bestselling author, screenwriter, playwright and Nutella addict outside the office. Covers everything from cars to culture to sustainability. Has spent over ten years writing self-referential author bios such as this.
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