The scorching temperatures were no match for the gorgeous grounds of the Sanchaya Resort. We were greeted by grandiose white colonial columns, lush greenery, and a crystal blue beach. It seemed heaven was a place on earth.

As a group of writers and I sat on the plush couches, champagne in hand, soaking in the view, Scott Dunn Asia’s CEO told us, “luxury is boring, done with.” Cueing an almost comedic record scratch, the room looked bewildered as our day in Sanchaya seemed to be engrossed in luxury.

The Sanchaya Resort in Bintan, Indonesia featured a beautiful pool and colonial style architecture

World-wide travel operator, Scott Dunn, invited a group of writers to the Sanchaya Resort to unveil their new book, Seriously Special – The Experiences. The book emphasises experiential travel packages that guest can book for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Scott Dunn ­is recognised as one of the best high-end travel companies, handcrafting unique and exceptional private journeys that some would dare classify as “luxury.” He went on to explain that every boutique, resort, or agency describes their venues as luxurious, but that doesn’t make your holiday. By using the adjective “luxury,” companies confine the definition of our vacations within hotel walls, rather than emphasising the experiences that truly make a vacation.

Exclusively offered by Scott Dunn, try to solve a scavenger hunt as you bike between temples in the ruins of Angkor Thom

Partake in an exclusive biking tour of the temples and ruins of Angkor Thom, Cambodia. Zip across Spain for a tapas and food tour by private jet. Be in two continents at once, and snorkel between the tectonic plates in Iceland. These are just a sampling of the experiences thoughtfully tailored by Scott Dunn.

Stay in a heated tent in Finland as you immerse yourself in the gorgeous wilderness and watch the Northern Lights
“Cell C Sharks rugby team join Phinda Private Game reserve management to dehorn a number of Rhino on the reserve in order to deter poaching in the reserve. By dehorning the animal it is believed that the risk vs reward will not be worth it.”

When I met with Scott Dunn’s staff I was immediately struck by their professionalism and warmth. They were genuinely passionate and excited to talk about their job, travelling, and of course food. I was inspired by their optimism and affinity for adventure. Having just recently arrived in Asia, I have only seen a small portion of the area. Their attitude was intoxicating, and I immediately went home from the day and booked plane tickets for some weekend trips.

Scott Dunn is an award-winning travel operator that has been crafting exceptional private journeys to destinations around the world for over 30 years. The company’s eye for the little things makes all the difference and has helped the brand build a reputation for not simply adhering to the highest standards in travel and hospitality, but setting them.

For more information about the trips offered in Scott Dunn’s Seriously Special book, check out their website.

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