Last month, more than 243,000 foreign tourists visited Iceland, and almost 30 percent of those visitors flew in from the United States. The island country is one of the most popular destinations for Americans, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s devastatingly pretty (and infinitely Instagrammable), ranks among the world’s happiest countries and, for parts of the east coast, only a six-hour flight stands between you and getting an Icelandic passport stamp.

Siggi’s is offering you S$72k to tour Iceland

But Siggi’s, the Iceland-inspired yoghurt company, wants to give one lucky person the opportunity to have an extended stay in Iceland, and up to US$50,000 (S$ 72,397)on top of it.

Siggi’s is currently accepting applications for the role of Chief Simplicity Offi-skyr, a position that involves “identifying the best ways to truly live a simple life” in Iceland; taking photographs and making videos of Iceland’s waterfalls, glaciers, and other natural wonders; and eating enough Icelandic food that you could start suggesting future Siggi’s flavours. (Recommend hakarl, we dare you.)

tour Iceland
Skógafoss Waterfall in Iceland; Image Credit: Jonatan Pie/Unsplash

The Chief Simplicity Offi-skyr gig is part of Siggi’s new campaign called “Less sets you free,” which aims to illustrate the benefits of living a simple, more minimalist life, and finding the perfect work-life balance to bring out the best in both your personal and professional lives. (It also helps that around 85 percent of Icelanders “are currently, or on the way to” a four-day workweek.)

“While many companies have been pushing for a healthy work/life balance, Siggi’s is the first to offer a gig that truly maximises living a simple life and enjoying the benefits that the environment and nature have to offer,” the company wrote on its website. “Discover if this opportunity is right for you.”

Interested candidates can apply by completing this form, and by answering a few questions about their writing and photography skills and what makes them a good fit for the role. Those who are interested must have a valid passport and “a desire to live a simple life” and “the ability to adapt to new cultures.” How long this role lasts is up to the new Offi-skyr: a spokesperson for Siggi’s said that they could choose to stay in and tour Iceland as little as a month or could stretch it out for as long as six months. There is no deadline on submitting an application, but the company said that they would like to fill the role by the end of the year.

And yes, the company does say that the chosen candidate will be “compensated up to US$50,000 or S$ 72,397” for fulfilling this role. Imagine how much hakarl-flavoured skyr you could buy with that money!

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