In this day and age it’s rare for a hotel to truly wow most people. Short of building one on the moon (and you know that’s coming once the demand for space travel picks up), it’s becoming hard for hospitality developers to build an unforgettable experience.

The Olympian HK: Last Word in Luxury-am_il_v1001_i_f7317c18f71cf05b17ca77f4a7bc0fb321_487866133a3bca1d594df8609824c73a89

The new Olympian Hong Kong in the heart of West Kowloon, however, might just leave an indelible impression in your mind. There are only 32 rooms available, all of them facing Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong’s mesmerising skyline. And while the land of dim sum is notorious for its cramped living spaces, the Olympian Hong Kong is an exception. Floor-to-ceiling windows. Exceptionally tall ceilings. Mood lighting. You’ll be forgiven if all you want to do is stay in the room and laze all day.

But you’ll leave, if only because you get to travel around the city in a chauffeured Rolls Royce. Trust us when we say that The Olympian Hong Kong is worth a visit on its own.

In celebration of the opening of The Olympian Hong Kong, the hotel is offering a special introductory room rate from HKD1,600 per night, available until 30 April 2016. That’s less than SGD300 a night.