Bucket lists and road trips go hand-in-hand – but skydiving and Vegas are so passe. Take things to the extreme with these experiences that’ll make legendary stories.


For a bachelor party: Practice for your first hoverboard flights

Those water-jet powered “Ironman suits” are about to get one-upped. At long last, the human race has debuted its first real hoverboard. No, not the two-wheeled, hands-free segway you see on Singapore’s pavements. An actual, honest-to-goodness, ROCKET-POWERED board. And you’re going to be able to hop on soon.

Zapata Racing – the same French brand that perfected the aforementioned hydrosuits – are working on a newbie-friendly version of the Flyboard Air in the video, the EZ-Fly. While they tie up the details before opening the experience to the general public, you’re going to have to put in time on their water-based Flyboard. Pick from any of these rental centres; most are around the States, so you can plan your itinerary accordingly. If you get hooked, here’s one in Kuala Lumpur so you can clock the hours on the cheap.
Dang, this video is hype.


For you and a best bro: Bust the sound barrier in fighter jets


What if we told you you could realise your pipe dream of becoming a fighter pilot for one day? No license required.

That’s right. Whether your vacation’s in the U.S. or Europe, or you’re looking at a trip to Australia or New Zealand, these highly-specialised boutique companies are ready to take you up in the air, aerobatics and all, and to the very edge of space if your budget is right.

No, you don’t get to touch the throttle, obviously, but you could probably thumb some (non-functioning) weapons triggers as co-pilot and live out your gunning fantasies. The whole thing will be captured on video, of course.


For the wealthier gents with a taste for history: Visit the Titanic – that’s right, The Titanic

So 2019’s the year where one of the largest-scale expeditions ever to visit the Titanic wreck commence. Scientists and marine experts will be going down to do some intensive study and mapping. They’re actually opening up crew space for well-heeled members of the public to assist with the expedition and to become an integral part of making history. You actually get to choose from some available roles in the project, so you’re not going to be bored out of your mind while during the 10-day expeditions.

“Part of the deep sea crew that travelled to the bottom of the ocean and mapped the RMS Titanic, that future generations might benefit from the data.” How’s that for rounding out your achievements?
Better act fast, though. You’d think the US$125,000 price tag would keep subscriptions low, but all but one expedition (taking place July-Aug) is ‘sold out’.


For the massive wedding party near Boston: Play ball with the MLB legends on home ground


Are your pals softball or baseball fans, or were you even players at one point? Put on your mitts and prepare to dive in the dirt with one of America’s most iconic Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, the Boston Red Sox. You’ll be invited as a VIP to the charming home stadium, Fenway Park, before a major league game, and, if schedule permits, be able to field for pre-game batting practice. This means going for those epic dives for flyballs and a chance to out the batter, who may just be an MLB superstar.

For those of you wanting a chance to bat, let’s just say the chances of you connecting with a pro’s pitch is exceedingly low. Hey, you still get access to first- and second-row seats at the actual game later. Catering for your group is included.


IMAGES: Respective sites. Cover animation from footage of Zapata promotional video.

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