It doesn’t take much to improve one’s quality of life significantly – if you know where to make the right changes. Case in point: the Hansgrohe Rainfinity 130 3jet hand shower. This product is available as a standalone shower to replace your existing one as a drop-in replacement, making it the perfect gift for both friends and loved ones, and perhaps even yourself.

Hansgrohe Rainfinity 130 3jet chrome
Hansgrohe Rainfinity 130 3jet in chrome

The Rainfinity 130 3jet distinguishes itself from the competition with its design and construction, and promises to elevate your shower experience to a whole new level. Note, for instance, the slightly concave spray surface as well as the diffuse arrangement of the jet disc holes, which work together to envelop the body in water while maintaining directionality. This function-driven design doesn’t skimp on looks though. Examine the Rainfinity 130 3jet, and you’re greeted with finely finished surfaces and near-invisible seams that point to the tight tolerances we’ve come to expect from the brand.

Hansgrohe Rainfinity 130 3jet PowderRain
The Hansgrohe Rainfinity 130 3jet’s PowderRain mode

If you’re wondering just how much of a difference a shower can make, then there’s no better way to find out than giving it a try. Upon picking it up, you’ll immediately notice its weight – the Rainfinity 130 3jet has a reassuring heft, but never feels too heavy. Turn the shower on, and you’re greeted with one of three different jet types: the soft and relaxing PowderRain, a more invigorating Intense PowderRain, as well as the strong and focused MonoRain. Our unanimous favourite was the PowderRain mode, which offers a calm, soothing experience that’s quite unique to Hansgrohe. Switching between the jet types merely requires the push of the Select button – the Rainfinity 130 3jet has been thoughtfully designed for one-handed operation.

Hansgrohe Rainfinity 130 3jet MonoRain
Hansgrohe Rainfinity 130 3jet’s MonoRain jet mode

Showering is a daily routine, but it needn’t be mundane. Hansgrohe has proven just how this can be so.

To learn more, visit the Hansgrohe Aquademie at 69 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 239015 or the brand’s flagship store on Lazada here