The Every Second Counts x Kazuki Kuraishi collaboration has birthed its second venture, to be released in Singapore at TripleFit. If the success of its first capsule collection was anything to go by, this second drop should maintain the offering of Every Second Count’s eye for quality sportswear and accessories with designer Kazuki Kuraishi’s cool streetwear aesthetics tailored for stylish athletes of all levels and forms.

The fashion-forward collection comprises mixed-material articles that follow the slogan offered by Kuraishi himself: ‘Make Me Like It’. It addresses the increasingly prominent role that fashion plays in sportswear. The slogan follows the sleek logo, which depicts a key symbolising the unlocking of growth in the British and Japanese markets. The versatile pieces are easy to work into one’s wardrobe with their characteristic modernity.

Every Second Counts’ founder, Sally Dixon and Kuraishi have both expressed enthusiasm for this second collaborative collection. Inspired by the polarity between the UK and Japanese markets’ stylistic vision of sportswear, the collection is designed to introduce one market’s components to the other. The UK market may learn the beauty within formulated, mixed-medium apparel, and the Asian market may explore and adopt a progressive mindset towards exercise garments.

Scroll through the gallery below to check out our top picks from this much-anticipated collection.

Every Second Counts x Kazuki Kuraishi’s second drop is now available TripleFit Retail Zone and online.

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Update your gym gear in good taste with Every Second Counts x Kazuki Kuraishi’s second drop

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