When Alessandro Berluti founded his eponymous shoe label in 1895, we’re guessing that he didn’t realise the impact it would create across the world 120 years later. Today, we’re still obsessing over the curve of the shoe, and Berluti‘s curves are definitely one of our favourites. 

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The Alessio shoe by Berluti

Take the Alessio, the shoe named after both its founder and the current creative director (Alessandro Sartori). The oxford shoe has a classic upper, with a more contemporary rubber-soled take on the Goodyear-welted shoe. It serves our modern day practical needs, but still obeys solid shoemaking standards. The best thing is, it comes in a variety of patinas, or you can even customise your own. Feel free to invent one, that will be unique to yourself. 

How to Tie a Shoelace and Polish Your Shoe, according to Berluti-am_il_v1001_i_22b2e77aa968a70aff004c67cdc0be5f15_1b6bb7c768f117e2e613c537e5f5538860

Shown here in Venezia leather

Alessio also comes in several variations for those of us who are more lazy to tie shoelaces – there’s a slip-on and loafer version. But our favourite is the lace-up, because it allows us to tie what Olga Berluti has made the “Berluti knot”.  The double loop Windsor knot was something she learnt from the Duke of Windsor, after making a pair of shoes for him. Meant to secure the shoelace firmly so that it would not loosen at inappropriate moments, it’s become a standard of the house. Check out how to do it here. 

More importantly, Olga Berluti demonstrates how to take care of your footwear right in the long run. From polishing to maintaining its shape, she’s got all the details here. It’s in French, but closed captions in English are available. 

For more information on Berluti, check out their website

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How to Tie a Shoelace and Polish Your Shoe, according to Berluti

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