For 180 years, Tiffany & Co.’s robin egg blue has remained an alluring representative of passion. However, that’s always been shrouded in emotional excitement to the ladies. We’d prefer to offer a more reasoned explanation as to why the dulcet blue tones of the American jeweller is an excellent choice for the modern man. 

1. Tiffany & Co. accepts less than 0.1% of the world’s best diamonds. 
Through its comprehensive gemstone analysis program, Tiffany & Co. rejects 99.96% of the world’s diamonds. That’s because they take into consideration one particular aspect of the stone – its “Presence”, the X-factor that makes the stone worthy of the blue box. Here’s their chief gemologist, Melvyn Kirtley, explaining their philosophy.

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2. Their stones are guaranteed for life. 
Tiffany & Co.’s diamond certificates that are issued by the company go beyond ensuring that the stone meets GIA standards and is fully compliant with international standards. The certificate guarantees stones between the sizes of 0.18 carats to 2.99 carats, while other stone sizes or colours have their own standard of measure. But the brand guarantees that if the diamond is not to the specifics of its certificate, they will replace it or refund it, in the duration of the owner’s lifetime. 

3. There’s a saying that the Tiffany diamond chooses the cutter, not the other way round. 
All stones need to be cut to achieve their optimal brilliance. (See their jewellers at work in the video above.) But while many jewellers look to cut a stone for greatest carat weight, Tiffany & Co.’s jewellers focus it about what brings about the greatest brilliance in the stone, even it if means the stone is lighter than it can be. It takes up to three years to perfect the stone, and on average a stone requires a year of work to ensure it’s deserving of the Tiffany setting. 

4. The Tiffany setting is unique in the world. 
When Charles Tiffany first invented the Tiffany setting, it was with the idea that a stone should be fully exposed for all to see, presented in its full splendour. That was 130 years ago. Even today, the Tiffany setting is unique. While most jewellers prefer a stone that’s set in on a three or four prong design, revealing the top hemisphere of the stone for all to observe, the six prong Tiffany setting has been an icon of ring design for 130 years. It remains a stylish and unique design. And as any Tiffany & Co. setter will tell you, how a stone is set is just as important as how it’s cut.

5. Yes, she will love it. 
We refer you once more to Katie Couric and Jessica Biel jumping up and down when they get a Tiffany & Co. diamond. And these great examples of wonderful proposals that were with Tiffany & Co. jewellery. But really, it’s just the sheer excitement of getting a Tiffany & Co. box (we’ve tried it with the bracelet and it already works wonders, let alone with an engagement ring) that will probably lead her to give you a thumbs up. (She may be too happy to actually say yes.) 

Meanwhile if you need tips on how to actually propose, we’ve got some suggestions on what to watch out for.  

P.S. Main image on the article is from Engaged On Maui

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Looking to Propose this V-Day? You might want to consider the Tiffany setting.

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