Getting nautical and enjoying champagne with gorgeous models and good looking hunks are the stuff of Hollywood reel and real. For our 12 A Lister finalists, the yacht challenge was one they didn’t expect.

Unbeknownst to them, the Banana Republic challenge was merely the foundation to a bigger task at hand. In the previous episode, you watched them muddle and muse over picking a yacht event appropriate outfit. This time around, we’ve planned a little surprise for them. They know they’re going to be on a yacht. They know it’s going to be a party. What they didn’t know, is that their behaviour and poise is going to be picked apart Survivor style and voted on by the hidden judges all throughout the boat.

We invited special guests from Beam Artistes and the CEO of CPR Vision Management, Cameron Richards, to join us on board the Linda 25, courtesy of the Jobel Group, and let them mingle with the 12 finalists for the evening, following which they were required to pick the person whom they thought was the most charismatic of the evening.

On an August Man yacht, it’s not just about women, luxuries and caviar dreams. Well it is, just not for our 12 gents. Watch and judge them for yourself.

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