On the last episode, we challenged the A-Listers to create a pizza that would be worthy of Ochre restaurant’s menu. This time around, we’re putting them to demonstrating their physical prowess on the ground.

At Orchard Central, home to Singapore’s tallest rock-climbing wall, we led the 12 finalists to a competition of physical fitness. Each member had to climb as far up as possible within the time given, and slip-ups along the way were penalised. Not only did it involve teamwork, each participant had to demonstrate that he was at the peak of his physical fitness.

Following that, we led the guys to the Singapore Flyer, where they had a surprise challenge at the Flight Simulation Experience centre, located on the second floor of the building. Here, each finalist had to pick an airport and pick up some basic flying skills on the way before being thrown into the cockpit and challenged to fly a Boeing 737. Needless to say, there were some successes, and some failures. General Manager of IWC Southeast Asia, Mr Goris Verburg, offered an introduction to the brand which has been beloved by pilots around the world and garbed the challengers in IWC-wear and watch to match, before they took off.

Watch the fifth episode of the A-Listers competition and find out who performed the best at these challenges of agility and coordination.

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