Way too often, we’ve spotted oversized knots on narrow or small collars, or the reverse which looks equally weird. Believe us, it’s universal: we’ve seen it on youths, CEOs, business owners, bankers. 

There are a few standard rules when it comes to tying knots. The first of which is, the higher your position in the company (generally speaking), the less likely you’ll need a tie at work. Secondly, learn how to tie a bow tie. Self-tied bow ties are James Bond cool. Don’t bother with the club tie any more, unless you’re actually at the club. It’s showing off in the lamest way possible. Ties should not match a primary colour on the jacket or shirt; instead, they should pair with a secondary colour or pattern. Finally, there’s really no need to match everything you’re wearing. You’re not a Mattel doll. Have a bit of fun. 

There’s more, we could go on, but we’ve cornered the essentials of fixing the right tie on and the bow tie all in a couple of minutes. Check out the video. If you haven’t figured out the three essential knots (the four-in-hand, half and full-Windsors), don’t miss this. 

TIP 1: If you’ve been wondering how we get the length of the tie right every time, here’s a little trick called the standard crotch rule. It works best for four-in-hands. When the wide end of the tie is at the same level as your crotch, your tie length should be just nice. 

TIP 2: If your ties are starting to lint a little, due to overuse, here’s an easy way to fix the problem. Using an old razor, just run it gently over the tie. 

This video is brought to you by August Man and Tudor Watch. For more information on Tudor, click here

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Tie It Right

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