We’ve been keeping a tight lip on Tudor’s latest piece, having sat on this information for the past month or so but the date’s finally here and we get to share with you guys Tudor‘s new Heritage Black Bay Black.

Introducing: Tudor's Heritage Black Bay in Black-am_il_v1001_i_bf76e07d65f25b819df19084abc80de068_1531c55b1e6c73a468818909af67c7fe85

There’s nothing more we love than a re-edition of vintage pieces and this handsome diver is just that and more. A nod to Tudor’s first dive watch, the reference 7922 which was launched in 1954, the Heritage Black Bay Black is reminiscent of old school cool with the snowflake hands and large winding crowns that made the brand stand out back then. 

The Heritage Black Bay line saw its emergence in 2012 with the first Heritage Black Bay that boasted a red bezel. That piece went on to winning the Revival Prize at the 2013 GHPG, no doubt turning lots of head. Last year, the icy blue-bezeled version made the rounds at Baselworld to much fanfare as well.

Introducing: Tudor's Heritage Black Bay in Black-am_il_v1001_i_598e030ca69f69e1bbc6e9489c105e9d98_c4577ab30f02306c772c2a390808acf732

Call us classicists if you must but we’re going to bet on the Heritage Black Bay Black sweeping up the prizes even more this year. The diver will come in both a steel bracelet variant or one with an aged leather strap. An additional fabric strap will be available as well. 

Introducing: Tudor's Heritage Black Bay in Black-am_il_v1001_i_fd9eff54b41a7fb75bef50c733a5ae7947_d1c2ed30605a97f127b8b89fd8aa42f063
Introducing: Tudor's Heritage Black Bay in Black-am_il_v1001_i_67d85fbe68502970c8e5036868abf0ff85_771ae2493baf54bd70202268a0278e4e99
Introducing: Tudor's Heritage Black Bay in Black-am_il_v1001_i_ea11568024aec79db101bda18c4dc6e983_ec1a79870671d1dc1789defc8c884a7408
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Introducing: Tudor’s Heritage Black Bay in Black
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