Timepieces have regularly been a large part of moviedom. From Bond to Bourne and more, watches have often appeared on celebrities in film, both as a subtle (and occasionally not so subtle) marketing tactic, and simply because they are a beautiful menswear accessory that can hardly be missed out. Leonardo diCaprio had his TAG Heuer on during the Inception film, deliberately slowing down the motion of the watch to accentuate the passing of time in dreams and realtime – clever, we have to say. And there are plenty of other examples of fine timepieces that have appeared in films, this year and past. Here are some of our favourites.

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1. Jeremy Renner and IWC
The actor starred in Bourne Legacy as Aaron Cross, another secret operative who is attempting to escape the CIA and in the process, finds himself being pursued by another Asset. The star donned IWC’s Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph Edition TOP GUN, clearly giving him an edge over his enemies as he is always a step ahead of them.

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2. Daniel Craig and Omega
Craig, as Bond has been partnered with Omega for some time now. Since the first film with Eva Green in Casino Royale, when she famously promoted Omega in one of the screen lines (“Nice watch. Is that a Rolex?” – Green. “Omega.” – Craig), Omega has actively advertised its own presence in the film. This year, Skyfall will be on the big screen, with the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M “Skyfall Edition”.

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3. Taylor Kitsch and Luminox
The young actor was in Battleship as the protagonist and hero who saves the world and marries Brooklyn Decker’s character. Kitsch was wearing a Luminox 3901 Navy Seal during the show.

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4. Will Smith and Hamilton
Men in Black III returned with Hamilton in tow. The Swiss firm had previously sponsored the MIB series, and the third episode featured Smith with the Hamilton Ventura XXL going back in time to find K (played by Brolin). It’s highly apt since the Ventura was an icon of the era, donned by Elvis in another film.

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Movie Collaborations and Timepieces
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