Swatch to many has always been a watch brand iconic for its bright and colourful approach to an otherwise rather regal and even intimidating accessory. With an artistic canvas face and silicone straps, the Swiss house takes an unconventional approach compared to many of its competitors in the market. After its ground-breaking collaboration with Omega earlier this year, Swatch has returned with yet another collaborative collection.

This collection is especially exciting to all the otakus out there‒ myself included. To many long time anime and manga fans worldwide, there are just a few series that are legendary; one of which is Dragon Ball Z. Perhaps one of the cornerstones of the anime world if I may say so. An icon growing up, this beloved series now exists closer to its fans in the form of seven Swatches.

With playful elements of the characters on the watch face made complete with each character’s names on the loop, this collection offers cheeky details for die-hard fans of Swatch and Dragon Ball Z. Featuring a fair share of the beloved, Swatch takes inspiration from each character and includes their icons into the designs.

The designs are crafted into two of Swatch’s types, Big Bold series and Gent series. As each watch is colour-coded to the signatures of the characters, they also feature specialised artworks that will thrill all earthlings alike.

Some artworks are more distinctive to the characters: Goku’s design features his name in the kanji character; Majin Buuʼs iconic ʻMʼ lettering from his gold belt on a similar yellow dial; and Gohan’s “Ka-me-ha-me-haaaa” printed across the glass dial. Not to forget, Kamesenninʼs features his face entirely as the watch dial, a status fitting only for the true master and inventor of Kamehameha.

Others are more subtle ‒ Easter eggs for longtime lovers of the series to discover and enjoy. The infamous antagonist Frieza manifests himself into the watch front and underside detailing, resembling his skin, with his red eyes watching you. A bright green patterned watch to feature Cell’s suit is also paired with his pink eyes on the hands, with his black-dark orange tail snaking up from the underside of the strap.

The last watch, Vegeta’s, includes a silhouette of Goku. This is a homage to their encounter, which sets Vegeta’s heart onto the right track and eventually into a Saiyan, just like Goku. The series is incomplete without the Dragon Balls themselves. At the centre of the seven Dragon Balls sits Shenron, the Divine Dragon that grants the wish of those who collected the Dragon Balls.

The special watch featuring Shenron has his green scales on the strap, with the underside being his belly. The seven Dragon Balls are grasped by his claw, taking the centre of the dial with “Tell me your wish” printed on the bezel in English and Japanese. The collection, including the Shenron x Swatch (released on 1 October), is available in stores and online.

As part of the release, thereʼs also a special numbered edition of the Shenron x Swatch that comes specially boxed. Have your senzu beans ready and maintain your power level to make sure you get to snatch the limited-edition watch.

(Images: Swatch)

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Swatch Reveals Dragon Ball Z Collection
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