A dog is one’s best friend — this adage is as old as our civilisation. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that dogs were the first animals that were domesticated by humans around 30,000 years ago. As one of the most natural and popular choice for pets, it would be quite interesting to know the best dog breeds for all zodiac signs.

Historically speaking, humans first started feeding scraps of food to wolves as they accompanied them during their hunting expeditions. Thus, the bond which strengthened then has now evolved into preened and pampered pups being pushed in prams, often as a symbol of luxury and status.

Additionally, other than protecting their owners, dogs have proven to be excellent companions adept at giving emotional support, which helps improve our mental health as well. While it is established that the dog-human relationship is eternal, it would be fascinating to explore this bond from an astrological point of view.

Like people and even cats, every canine breed has a specific personality and inherent traits and with some thought put into analysing this, one can deduce the best option in terms of which one of them would suit an individual according to their zodiac sign.

Yearning to adopt a pup but not sure which breed to go for? Pet astrology might be the answer to determining the best dog breeds for each zodiac sign. Judging by the placement of planets, constellations and stars, zodiacs can be matched with dog breeds as prospective pets. Take a look at these suggestions for different breeds and find your soul twin in your furry friend. Nonetheless, regardless of the dog breed you choose, they’re all good boys and would make for amazing pets. Just remember the golden rule: adopt, don’t shop.

Know the best dog breeds for your zodiac sign:

Aries – German Shepherd
Aries – German Shepherd

Ruled by the red-hot planet Mars and denoted by the symbol of ram, Aries is a fire sign which is impulsive, extroverted and assertive. Those belonging to this sign are also very loving, caring as well as active. Owing to these qualities, the German shepherd is a perfect doggo companion for them. This breed is courageous, active and matches well with the Arien personality which is always bursting at the seams with excitement.

Image credit: Courtesy Sofia Guaico/Unsplash

Taurus – Boxer
Taurus –  Boxer

This earth sign is ruled by the planet Venus and is known for stability. Taureans are generally observed to harbour a special love for leisure and opulence in life. Denoted by the celestial bull, this sign might bode well with a boxer’s persona and appeal. Like a true blue Taurean, even this breed loves to take adequate naps while enjoying all the luxuries of life. Good food and good mood are part of their motto just like their Taurean human counterpart, hence, it is a perfect dog breed for them.

Image credit: Courtesy Clarke Sanders/Unsplash

Gemini – Border Collie
Gemini – Border Collie

This air sign denoted by the twins represents duality in the zodiac. This mutable sign is governed by the planet of communication, Mercury, and is known to be intelligent, sociable and highly adaptable to its surroundings. Border collies make up for delightful pets who can be trained easily and do well among crowds. Curiosity is a trait which is common to both — people belonging to the Gemini zodiac sign and pups belonging to this breed.

Image credit: Courtesy Will Gardiner/Unsplash

Cancer – Rottweiler
Cancer – Rottweiler

Contrary to popular belief, this breed is not at all dangerous or aggressive but quite sweet-natured and loyal. Ruled by the moon and denoted by the crab, Cancerians understand emotions like no other zodiac sign. Sweet, sensitive and highly protective of their loved ones, Rottweilers are perfect for this cardinal water sign.

Another quality of this breed which complements Cancerians is their love to guard the family they belong to. Crabs, too, are extremely family-oriented and prioritise their loved ones over everything else in life. Hence, a Rottweiler is a perfect choice for them.

Image credit: Courtesy Sabīne Jaunzeme/Unsplash

Leo – Pug
Leo –  Pug

Ruled by the Sun, Leo is denoted by the lion. This fixed fire sign thrives when given attention and has a magnetic personality. Their generosity and large-heartedness know no bounds and they are likely to spread sunshine, happiness and positivity in everyone’s life just like a pug. This breed also loves attention and is known to have a playful temperament. Leos share a good compatibility with pugs because both are gregarious and fun-loving.

Another option for this sun sign is the charming golden retriever. Right from their gorgeous mane to their warm demeanour and a strong desire to be liked by everyone, they make for a perfect dog for Leos.

Image credit: Courtesy Charles Deluvio/Unsplash

Virgo – Siberian Husky
Virgo – Siberian Husky

Detail-oriented Virgos are denoted by the virgin and are loyal, solid and very hard-working. This earth sign loves to be perfect at whichever task they undertake and is classified as an introvert in the zodiac system. Huskies embody these qualities perfectly well as they were originally used as sled dogs to clear snow. They are incredibly loyal too, which makes them perfect for Virgos.

Image credit: Courtesy Cody Board/Unsplash

Libra – Shih Tzu
Libra – Shih Tzu

Regal from the word go, shih tzus were bred for Chinese royalty. They are calm, loyal and very affectionate towards their owners. A peace-loving, balanced and non-confrontational Libra highly appreciates these qualities. This zodiac sign, denoted by a weighing scale, is ruled by the planet of love and money, Venus. They naturally gravitate towards art and find physical attributes alluring. The appearance and nature of a shih tzu are thus perfect for this gentle and charming sun sign.

Image credit: Courtesy Karsten Winegeart/Unsplash

Scorpio – Pitbull
Scorpio – Pitbull

The fixed water sign of the zodiac, Scorpio, ruled by the planet of destruction, Pluto, is the most misunderstood. And, one can say the same thing about pitbull. Dark, mysterious but fiercely loyal and reflective, Scorpios find perfect companions in this passionate breed. Pitbulls are highly intelligent and loyal dogs, much like the Scorpio. This zodiac sign is known to understand the canine companionship of this particular breed.

Image credit: Courtesy Jonathan Cooper/Unsplash

Sagittarius – Dachshund
Sagittarius – Dachshund

Highly adventurous, this zodiac sign is symbolised by an archer and is the last of the fire signs. Rule by the planet Jupiter, this mutable sun sign loves to go places and is highly adaptable. A dachshund might look tiny but is extremely energetic and always wants to run around and explore places — a perfect partner to their Sag owners who are always bitten by the travel bug.

Image credit: Courtesy Carissa Weiser/Unsplash

Capricorn – Shiba Inu
Capricorn – Shiba Inu

Ruled by the planet of rules and discipline, Saturn, Capricorns are completely tied to their routines and love to work hard to reach their professional goals. This Japanese breed is not very fussy and is fiercely independent. It likes to be on its own, which bodes well with the Capricornian schedule.

Image credit: Courtesy Charlotte Rush/Unsplash

Aquarius – Poodle
Aquarius – Poodle

The last of the air signs, an Aquarius personality is characterised by their progressiveness and intelligence. They are ruled by the planet Uranus, which denotes revolution and are fixed in their modality. Poodles, cute looking with their fluffy fur, are one of the cleverest of all breeds and are curious, sweet and fun-loving in nature. It is only natural that their wavelengths match with this smart sign denoted by a water carrier.

Image credit: Courtesy Cole Wyland/Unsplash

Pisces – St. Bernard
Pisces – St. Bernard

The last of the zodiacs is a mutable water sign which is both sensitive and meditative. They love deeply and are calm as well as spiritual in nature. What better breed than St. Bernard to shower them with much-deserved love and adoration? Dominated by the planet of dreams, Neptune, Pisces are symbolised by two fish swimming in opposite directions. St Bernard’s quiet, kind and warm and devoted nature resonates perfectly well with the fish.

Image credit: Courtesy Siddharth Shah/Unsplash

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