We cannot change our destiny, but we can refocus and redirect the paths of our life. With our 2023 weekly horoscope’s guidance, we can bring clarity, honesty, and reassurance to a situation. The 78 Rider Waite Tarot cards are an ancient deck of cards. The pictures on the cards represent different parts of life and show what the future holds. The mystic and clairvoyant with their expertise read the cards and foretell what the future holds. Cosmic energies affect everyone differently, and being able to interpret their effect through these cards is a specialised job done by an occultist. Read on to know what your weekly horoscope predictions for the second week of November 2023 is.

Tarot is an intuitive practice with no set rules and that is why a card can have numerous meanings and interpretations depending on the energies at play at that moment and the expertise of the occultist to read and express them.

Read on to see what divine message the cards hold for each zodiac in our weekly horoscope for November 2023, and how to make the best of situations you are likely to face this week.

Horoscope 2023: Weekly prediction for 6 November – 12 November

Aries weekly horoscope

Weekly horoscope

Career and Finance: Queen of Swords card indicates enthusiasm for work, and you will be at your creative best. You will win accolades from your superiors and your colleagues will look up to you. You will enjoy all the success and attention.  Businesses will flourish, especially the ones run by women. Good financial gains are indicated.

Health: Ace of Wands Reversed indicates health issues. It is a good time for a check-up. Do not ignore any symptoms. Pregnant woman need to be careful and not take any risks. Follow a healthy diet and be vigilant against accidents.

Relationships: Seven of Wands Reversed card warns you of some upcoming challenges. Do not let your ego ruin what you have. Hard work is not only required towards your profession but on a personal level also. Try to increase intimacy with your mate. Family might be demanding, and you need to strike a balance.

Taurus weekly horoscope

Weekly horoscope

Career and Finance: Four of Swords indicates stability in a job, but you’ll be anxious about retaining the position which in a way is good. Being careful about sustaining and being paranoid are two different things. The former is necessary whereas the latter is disastrous. The advice is to just do your best. Financially, you will be fine, and this is a good time to make long term investments.

Health: Three of Pentacles indicates that your efforts towards your health goals will be bearing fruit. You will be achieving your health targets. Do not compromise on your health as this is the best investment.

Relationships: Ace of Wands Reversed indicates boredom. Add spark in your sex life as it needs attention. Family might need attention especially, the children or youngsters in the family will want guidance and advice.

Gemini weekly horoscope

September 2022 horoscope

Career and Finance: Six of Cups states that you should not forget the lessons learned from the past. You might be faced with situation linking your present to the past. Use the experiences of the past as a stepping stone for future. For natives in job, you might get an offer from your previous firm and businesspeople might bring back their previous employees. Investments from the past will yield good returns.

Health: Judgement is the health card for the week. You might be healing emotionally or from some health issue. Follow a regimented and regulated lifestyle. Keep working towards your health goals.

Relationships: Star is the relationship card for this week indicating a good bonding between couples. This card shows all the strife of the past will be sorted and you will move ahead with renewed vigour and gusto. You will share a good intimacy with your mate. Family will be supportive and caring.

Cancer weekly horoscope

weekly horoscope

Career and Finance: Death card does not indicate physical death but indicates big changes in life – a transition which you should embrace positively. Any plans of changing your career will materialise and you should be open to accept it. Businesspeople should not hesitate to incorporate the changes they have been planning to bring about. Financially, it might indicate some losses, but appropriate changes and attitude will get you success.

Health: Knight of Pentacles Reversed indicates a sedentary lifestyle. Work does take the major portion of time but neglecting your health might have some unpleasant consequences. Work towards a regimented exercising schedule and focus on healthy eating.

Relationships: Two of Pentacles indicate that you need a bit of balancing in your relationship. Everything requires effort and having a good equation with your mate is no different. Value your relationship and work towards betterment. Try to include outings and adventure in your life. A good holiday will increase the bonhomie.

Leo weekly horoscope

Leo 2022 horoscope

Career and Finance: Lovers Reversed indicates some discord at work, especially with partners. It could indicate problems in a corporate alliance, a severance of collaboration or at times some disagreements amongst workers. Businesspeople need to be understanding and sensitive towards their partners and workers. Finances will be average. You need to be prudent in spending your money and especially while making investments.

Health: Wheel of Fortune Reversed indicates a sudden worsening in your physical fitness. Take this as a cosmic warning and work towards your wellbeing. A health check-up is a good idea.

Relationships: Queen of Cups Reversed is the relationship card indicating mawkishness in relationships. You might be overemotional and sensitive. Take hold of your emotions and try not to overreact. Introspect and get to the root and share your insecurities with your mate Pregnant women need to be extra careful this week. Family might be stressed with your sensitivity and emotional outbursts.

Virgo weekly horoscope

Virgo zodiac sign

Career and Finance: Eight of Cups Reversed indicates dissatisfaction at work. You might be desirous of a change and are not able to make that happen. You need to upscale your skills and work towards betterment of your professional life. Businesspeople will have a lot of ideas for expansion, but you should implement them after weighing all pros and cons well. You are advised to scale down and save money as some losses are indicated.

Health: The Hanged Man is indicative of neglect towards your health. Do not ignore small symptoms. Pay heed to what your body tells you. If undergoing some treatment, follow it religiously.

Relationships: Seven of Wands suggests your relationship will face some challenges. Air your problems with your partner. Family might be demanding. Try to spend quality time with near and dear ones.

Libra weekly horoscope


Career and Finance: Queen of Cups suggests you will get all the cooperation needed to grow in your career. Be kind and generous towards your colleagues and juniors. Your superiors will be very understanding and will reward you adequately. Businesses will bloom and finances will be good.

Health: The Emperor Reversed indicates a lack of discipline towards your health as per 2023 weekly horoscope. Your casual attitude towards your well being might land you in trouble. This card can also indicate lack of time. You need to focus towards self care and include a good exercising regime and focus on healthy eating.

Relationships: Empress is an indicator of love and abundance. You will be enjoying marital bliss. Couples will enjoy each other’s attention and will be enjoying intimacy and carnal pleasures. If planning a child, this is the best time for conception. Familial bonds will be good.

Scorpio weekly horoscope

Weekly horoscope

Career and Finance: Page of Pentacles Reversed indicates obstacles and delays at work. Things might not go smoothly and you might face some hiccups. Students might not get very good results and businesspeople might experience some bumps. Financially, this might not be a good time. Money might not come as expected and you might face a financial crunch.

Health: Four of Pentacles Reversed is a good card to get in a health reading. It shows you will work towards your wellbeing and be successful. You will enjoy good health. It is a good time to achieve your health targets.

Relationships: Sun Reversed suggests you need to rekindle your relationship. Add spice to your monotonous routine and spend quality time with your partner. It also indicates peace and harmony in relationships.

Sagittarius weekly horoscope

Weekly horoscope

Career and Finance: Ace of Swords Reversed shows some confusion at work. There are chances of some disagreement between colleagues. You need to be very careful not to rub them on the wrong side. A good planning and strategising will take you places. Be very careful with finances, check your balances sheets, and other documents thoroughly.

Health: The Sun is your health card indicating perfect health as per 2023 weekly horoscope. You will be full of energy, positivity, and full of life.

Relationships: Five of Wands Reversed indicates a conflict with your partner. You need to be more open and communicative about your problems and feelings. Bottling up your emotions will affect your mental health. Try to avoid arguments with family members.

Capricorn weekly horoscope


Career and Finance: Justice is the career card for Capricorn natives indicating you will be rightly rewarded for your hard work and punished if you have not been true to your profession. You reap what you sow is the exact meaning of this card. Any court cases will be in your favour. Financially, this card warns you to be honest and dedicated towards money and investments. Any fraudulent use of money is likely to cost you dear as 2023 weekly horoscope.

Health: Three of Cups is the health card indicating good health. Do not overindulge and do not skip your workouts.

Relationships: King of Swords indicates dominance and control. You need to work towards a harmonious relationship. Give importance to your partner’s needs and wants. You need to give space in relationships. Do not be controlling.

Aquarius weekly horoscope

weekly horoscope

Career and Finance: Eight of Wands indicates missed opportunities. It indicates slowness in actions and lack of energy. You need to pull up your socks and not lose out on good chances for growth in your career. Finances will be less than expected.

Health: King of Cups Reversed is your health card indicating you need to make certain lifestyle changes and work towards betterment of your health. Get a health check-up done.

Relationships: Six of Cups indicates nostalgia. You will go down the memory lane and relive the pleasant memories with your partner strengthening the bonds of love. It can also indicate a former lover returning in your life. A good time with family and friends is indicated.

Pisces weekly horoscope


Career and Finance: Nine of Wands Reversed indicates overload and mental exhaustion. You need to take a break and not let the professional fatigue set in. Businesspeople should slow their pace. Do not jump the gun. A lot of hard work will have to be put to achieve your targets. Finances will not be proportional to the effort and that might leave you frustrated.

Health: King of Pentacles indicates you will enjoy good health and be committed towards your goals.

Relationships: Page of Cups indicate a fulfilling and passionate relationship. Your bonds are all set to strengthen, and you will appreciate your partner more. This card is a good indicator of conception and pregnancy. You will enjoy a good familial bond. Your closeness is all set to increase, and you will get closer to children and youngsters in the family.

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Deepa is a practising tarot card reader and an astrologer. A science graduate, and Jyotish post Visharad from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), she taught tarot and astrology at her alma mater for six years, and now teaches students online in India and globally. She enjoys playing golf and travelling.
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