Every 18 months, a major astrological event shakes things up for all the zodiacs. With the North and South Nodes of the moon realigning periodically, your astrological lunar calculator can help you learn about its effect on your spiritual growth and evolution. The next shift takes place on 17 July 2023, here’s what it’s effects are on your zodiac sign.

Be it in astrology or psychology, the effect of the phases of the moon on our emotions is a widely studied subject. As such, the shifting of the lunar nodes dictates the cosmic vibes for the next year and a half.

What are lunar nodes?

north and south node calculator
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Represented by a horseshoe symbol, lunar nodes are celestial points that have much significance in astrology. Unlike planetary bodies and stars, these can’t be traced physically in the sky as these are coordinates or energy vortices. Also known as the North and South Nodes, they represent the karmic path an individual is likely to take. This gives an insight into a person’s past and predicts the future.

In 2023, 17 July is an important date; not only because a new moon enters the house of Cancer but also because the sun’s path crosses the moon’s orbit to cause a lunar retrograde. This phenomenon occurs once in 18 months. Before this, the North Node remained in Taurus and the South Node, in Scorpio. Since this is a lunar retrograde, the nodes move backwards.

After the latest shift, the North Node enters Aries, while the South Node moves to the house of Libra. The Aries-Libra axis affects the collective consciousness of all the 12 zodiacs. Before delving into the subject of how this affects your particular sign, here is how you can know under which zodiac your North and South Node falls with the calculator below.

North and South Node calculator

north node
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The South Node dictates your past life and highlights the learnings and blessings your soul receives from it to be carried forward as a part of your karma in the present life. It taps into the lower vibrations of your energy field and sometimes creates unpredictable situations causing unrest. But this works out in a broader sense as it imparts crucial life lessons to an individual.

The North Node, on the other hand, represents the present life of an individual. This node governs their drive, motivation, ambition and current life path.

You can determine your nodes of fate by looking at your astrological chart and circling your True Node or North Node. The South Node is the opposite sign and degree of the North Node. To find out these points, you will need your exact birth time, place, and birth date. There are many online calculators available that would you give an exact estimate of this phenomenon in your birth chart.

Lunar nodes shift: Its effect on all zodiacs

north node
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Depending on the zodiac sign you are born under, lunar shifts can lead to breakthroughs in your life, helping you unlock your potential and manifest your goals. Find out how the most recent shift to the Aries-Libra axis affects you.


This lunar placement is of utmost significance for fiery Arians because the North Node shifts into their sign. Champions of self-expression, they will be motivated to look deep into their interpersonal relationships. Since the South Node is in the balance-creating sign of Libra, they will also have an evolved approach to take in the learnings offered to them by the universe during this period.


This lunar shift will bring in a lot of opportunities for self-reflection for the leisure-seeking Taureans. This earth sign will look inwards for answers to the questions they have been asking the universe. Also, self-preservation and mental health will be a priority for this sign, denoted by the celestial bull.


This cosmic event brings a lot of excitement to the lives of this curious and affable air sign Gemini, denoted by the twins. They will be seen making new friends, forging social connections and also connecting with themselves on a deeper level.


The homebound Cancer, denoted by the symbol of the crab, will be propelled to focus on their professional aspects in the Aries-Libra axis of this lunar node shift. But it is important to note that they thrive well when their domestic life is happy and peaceful. Hence, work-life balance is the key to this sentimental water sign’s fulfilment for the next 18 months.


Leos should brace themselves for exciting new changes coming their way during this period as all their beliefs and value systems are set to drastically transform. One of the most encouraging things this period will bring in for this fire sign is that they will reclaim themselves courageously by getting in touch with their inner voice.


The earth sign, which is symbolised by the maiden or the virgin, is fiercely independent and deeply rooted in the practical world. Virgos are detail-oriented and branded as the perfectionists of the zodiac. With the nodal shift, they will lean more into their partnerships, which is quite unusual for them as they like to do everything on their own and hesitate to ask for help. This period will teach them the power of companionship which will take their mental, emotional and financial load off to a certain extent.


This people-pleasing air sign, denoted by the balance scale, is going to be majorly affected by the south node shifting in their house. While this zodiac sign has always focused on getting others to like them, this time around they will be more interested in pleasing themselves. Librans are set to embrace self-love in a big way, which will profit them a great deal.


One of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac, the water sign of Scorpio is usually perceived as intimating because of their ability to read people like an X-Ray. This intense foreboding energy can take a toll on their mental health. Thankfully, this nodal shift will push Scorpios into a self-care mode. They will shift their focus to maintaining their physical and mental well-being.


This fire sign, symbolised by the archer, is in for a lot of luck for the next 18 months because a positive shift is set to occur in their lives. They will make some strong connections through this period, which are likely to elevate their overall personality.


The last of the earth sign, Capricorn, has a reputation for being a workaholic by nature. Extremely driven and goal-oriented, this zodiac sign, denoted by the mystical sea horse, will find it even hard to focus anywhere else but on their professional lives during these 18 months. They are recommended to take charge of their personal lives along with fulfilling their professional commitments.


Profound and progressive, this last air sign of the zodiac is inclined towards embracing new ideas. With this nodal shift, they are right in their element as this sign will be seen expanding its horizons, and letting go of its old beliefs.


The period following the nodal shift will prove to be financially very lucky for the peaceful Pisceans. It is predicted that they will forge some profitable connections in business. They will also draw some much-needed boundaries and be serious about being financially independent and thriving.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are the North Node and South Node?

Answer: The lunar nodes, also known as the nodes of destiny, are astrologically significant in determining the karma and destiny of an individual. There are two types of lunar nodes: the South Node, which dictates learnings and blessings from our past life, and the North Node, which defines our present life path.

Question: How do you know your North and South Node?

Answer: You need to know your exact birth time, place, and date to calculate your North and South Node on your astrological chart.

Question: Does everyone have a North and South Node?

Answer: Yes, everyone has a specific North and South Node as per their birth chart.

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Lunar North And South Node Calculator: How Does A Nodal Shift Affect Your Zodiac Sign?
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