The Chinese zodiac is a repeating twelve-year cycle, wherein each year has its own ruling animal. While the Western zodiac is guided by months, the Chinese zodiac dictates a person’s personality, luck, and fortune based on their birth year. The Rabbit takes the fourth position in Chinese astrology, known for its creativity, compassion, and sensitivity. You belong to the Year of The Rabbit if you were born in 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, or 2023. The Rabbit symbolises longevity, peace, and prosperity. Therefore, people belonging to this zodiac sign are considered extremely lucky.

If you were born in the year of the Rabbit or are intrigued to know about this zodiac animal, you have landed on the right page. Here’s everything about the Rabbit’s personality traits, love compatibility, career path, health, and more. Keep reading!

Everything to know about people born in the Year of The Rabbit

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Personality traits

Rabbits may not be valorous like the Tiger or heavy like the Ox. However, their tender and lovely aura makes them extremely likable. Because of their gentle nature, people mistakenly believe they’re ignorant and gullible when they’re very witty and watchful of everything happening around them. Their unwavering loyalty and faithfulness in every relationship make them excellent pals. While the Rabbit will be your trusted 3 am friend and help you navigate your inner dilemma, you’ll need to learn what’s brewing in the sign’s mind as they tend to be overly private.

While people born in the year of the Rabbit are tender and easygoing on most days, they don’t shy away from displaying their stubborn and hot-headed side when pushed to limits. Rabbits always try to build comfortable and peaceful atmospheres, wanting to remain in a safe/ familiar realm. This trait hinders them from taking risks in life, and they often lose out on good opportunities. Overall, this Chinese zodiac sign leads a sophisticated and stylish lifestyle, always leaving a lasting impression on the people they meet.

Strengths and weaknesses


Rabbits’ gentle, amiable, and compassionate nature helps them easily connect with anyone and fit into a group. There’s never a dull moment around Rabbits, as they’re always at their humorous best in social gatherings. The sign is a little reserved but extremely well-cultured and hospitable, having excellent interpersonal skills that take them places.

Rabbits will never intentionally hurt or disrespect anyone. They’ll always avoid heated arguments, deeply fearing losing their close ones. Their keen observational skills help them dissect every situation accurately. Therefore, you can trust them to give the most appropriate solutions. Additionally, Rabbits are known for their ethical and moral values and will abide by high morale even in the most pressuring situation.


While those born in the year of the Rabbit make for solid friends and confidantes, they have difficulty trusting anyone with their ordeals. The sign is overly cautious and nervous while opening up, which causes great trials in their love and marital lives. This inherently reserved nature also leads to many downfalls in their professional career, and the sign is often laid back in clinching good opportunities. They aren’t prudent and like living in their dreamland away from reality.

The sign’s ‘live in the moment’ philosophy not only jeopardises their life but also profoundly affects their close ones. Furthermore, they aren’t very ambitious or driven by success and find peace in whatever they have. Rabbits often submit to a run-of-the-mill life. What’s worse, they repeatedly sink their money into ideas that can result in career failure.

Types of Rabbits in Chinese zodiac sign

There are five elements in Chinese philosophy – wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each element has its own characteristics and associations with various aspects of nature and even influences the Chinese Rabbit zodiac. Let’s take you through the five types of Rabbits based on these elements.

Wood Rabbit (birth years – 1915 and 1975)

Wood Rabbits have a dual personality. While they appear emotional and naive on the surface, they are shrewd and selfish on the inside. Nonetheless, they’re smart and possess a unique perspective that others highly value.

Fire Rabbit (birth years 1927 and 1987)

Brimming with heat and energy, the Fire Rabbit is a complete charmer. With their appealing personality, they always stand out in the crowd and command attention. Fire Rabbit has an adventurous streak that other Rabbits lack and they’re always willing to take up new challenges.

Earth Rabbit (birth years 1939 and 1999)

Just like their element, Earth Rabbits are down-to-earth, straightforward, and brutally honest people. They don’t indulge in any people-pleasing behaviour, so it’s better to take them as they are. They work extremely hard to build a prosperous future for themselves and are likely to amass immense material wealth with this ambitious streak.

Metal Rabbit (birth years 1951 and 2011)

Just like Earth Rabbits, Metal Rabbits also have high enthusiasm and zeal that helps them attain the goals they’ve set eyes on. They’re active, sincere and practice an action-oriented approach that helps them taste success better than other Rabbits.

Water Rabbit (birth years 1963 and 2023)

Easy-going and adaptable, Water Rabbits usually like to go to with the flow. They lack self-control and easily fall prey to others’ manipulations. People often spend time together with them for their own selfish motives.

Love compatibility

Rabbits are very understanding and accommodating in relationships and expect their partner to have a similar gentle and sensitive nature. They yearn for warmth and stability, so if you want to win a Rabbit’s heart, you must stick with them like a solid rock in all the good and bad times. Once you establish that rapport and trust, they won’t find it hard to let their guard down and reveal their deepest secrets.

Because the sign is heavily invested in relationships, expect them to go out of the way for you and spoil you with cheesy romantic gestures every now and then. Rabbits like a simple and cosy relationship, one that thrives on trust and loyalty. Since they’re very socially active and enjoy many friends. Love blossoms for them through these seeds of friendships. So, if you’re a part of the Rabbit’s social circle, it’s easier to win their heart.

Let’s look at Chinese zodiac signs who are most and least compatible with Rabbits:

Most compatible: Sheep, Monkey, Dog, Pig

Both Rabbits and Sheep like to build long-term relationships and are family oriented. Their life goals are well aligned which leads to a good understanding. Meanwhile, Rabbits and Dogs have common traits of loyalty, reliability, patience and understanding that help forge a lasting relationship. Lastly, Rabbits are lured by Pigs’ honesty, simplicity, and peace-loving nature – all of which binds them strongly.

Least compatible: Snake, Rooster

Snakes appear more egotistic and boastful as opposed to the passionate and intimate Rabbit. The two signs lack commonalities and find it hard to keep a close relationship. On the other hand, Roosters are usually hot-headed and self-absorbed, something which Rabbits can’t tolerate. Their pairing will only lead to marital discord.

Job and career

Since Rabbits are content with their status quo, they seldom make trailblasing achievements. While they won’t make for the best entrepreneurs or business leaders, you can trust the sign to be a great team player. They’re punctual and attach great importance to interpersonal relationships at work, which is why they’re respected and appreciated by their superiors and colleagues.

Rabbits like to enjoy a free lifestyle and therefore avoid highly competitive or laborious jobs that restrain them. The sign even has a creative streak, but their poor practical ability and execution keeps them from churning these ideas into reality. Their keen observation skills and ability to figure out the minutest differences make them fit for jobs like that of a quality inspector, intelligence officer, detective or forensic scientist.

They would even thrive in jobs that require great social and communication skills. These can include public relations specialists, sales representatives, counselling psychologists, marketing managers, community service managers and more.


While Rabbits appear fine and energetic on the surface, they aren’t blessed with great health. They are prone to falling ill in changing weather conditions as their lower immunity levels quickly fall prey to external changes. Having a healthy and balanced diet is a must to make their fragile bodies fight infections. They also don’t indulge in sports or other fitness activities, having a sedentary lifestyle that makes them susceptible to fevers and illnesses. Engaging in physically challenging activities can work wonders for their health.

As Rabbits tend to pile their feelings inside rather than vent out, it deeply affects their mental well-being. They’re prone to overthink, stress out and ponder over the same thing again and again. They need an outlet to release this negativity that jeopardises their physical and mental health. Meditation, yoga or other stress-relieving activities will help them keep mental roadblocks at bay.

Lucky things

Number: 3, 4, 9

Flower: Snapdragon as it represents strength and grace and wards off negative energies

Colour: Red for good luck and beauty, pink for love and romance, purple for luxury and royalty and blue for trust and loyalty

Directions: East, southeast, south

Unlucky things

Number: 1, 7, 8

Colour: Yellow as it causes self-esteem to plummet as well as induce anxiety. Avoid white as it heightens feelings of isolation and emptiness

Direction: Northwest

Famous personalities born in the Year of The Rabbit

people born in the year of the rabbit
Image credit: Nike/ Wikimedia Commons/ Lionel Messi’s Instagram

Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Lisa Kudrow (1963): Water Rabbit

David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Tiger Woods (1975): Wood Rabbit

Zac Efron, Lionel Messi (1987): Fire Rabbit

(Hero image credit: starline/ Freepik)

(Feature image credit: Freepik)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are the characteristics of people born in the year of the Rabbit?

Answer: Rabbits have a tender and lovely aura which makes them very likeable. They are also very loyal and faithful in every relationship and can be trusted to go above and beyond for the people they love.

Question: Is it good to be born in the year of the Rabbit?

Answer: For Chinese people, the rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity. Therefore,people belonging to this zodiac sign are considered extremely lucky.

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Year Of The Rabbit: Everything To Know About The People Born Under This Chinese Zodiac
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