Ever wondered why you gravitate towards certain hues when you want to look your best and prefer certain shades when you feel blue? Colours on their own can influence our moods, emotions and feelings in general. The power of colours on the human psyche is undisputed, and astrology, too, determines certain colours for all zodiac signs. Find out all about the unlucky and lucky colours for Virgo.

How to manifest good luck, love and money with colour therapy

lucky colours for virgo
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Astrology, particularly Vedic, attests a lot of importance to colours. It is believed that the Sun is a source of all colours, and it is a medium to heal the zodiacs of various ailments. Additionally, every colour is associated with a ruling planet of the zodiac. Hence, it is advised that sun signs wear gemstones of that particular colour, dress up in certain shades of clothes and even consume foods according to the lucky colour recommendation.

The feelings of demotivation, stress and dullness are also tackled by using lucky colours. Certain hues are used to manifest good luck, money and prosperity. For example, green is associated with wealth, red with vigour, yellow with improving communication skills, orange with creativity and blue with people tackling throat issues.

Generally, a balance of all colours of the rainbow — VIBGOYR — makes one’s life fulfilling in all sectors, be it good fortune, health, love life, career or family life.

Virgo colour palette: Lucky colours and their meanings


virgo lucky colour
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Virgo is an earth sign which makes them extremely stable in their approach and determined. Denoted by the Maiden or Virgin, they are ruled by the planet Mercury. People who are born between 23 August and 22 September fall under this sign. They are practical and thorough in their professional work. Virgos are known as the perfectionists of the zodiac because of their attributes of being detail-oriented and particular about everything they do in life.

They are known to be ruled by the goddess of wheat, which keeps them rooted in reality. Since the Virgin is closely related to agriculture, green serves as their power colour. It is associated with their ruling planet and stands for wealth and fame, too.

Using green is said to make the Virgos feel rejuvenated, fresh and in their best spirits ready to conquer the world.


virgo lucky colour
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After green, this zodiac sign should go for blue, especially if they need a quick pick-me-up. It is said that the freshness of this hue helps them with any kind of mental blocks or negative feelings that they might be going through. This shade acts as a mood uplifter for them.


lucky colours for virgo
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This colour brings out calmness in this mutable earth sign. Virgos, though dominated by the god of communication, Mercury, struggle to sometimes express themselves adequately. They like to process their thoughts systematically before coming to any conclusion. White helps them soothe their minds and senses and keeps their decorum in case of adversity. This hue also stands for purity of thoughts and peace of mind.


virgo lucky colour
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The colour of the earth, brown helps this steadfast sign to remain grounded. While they are known to seek material wealth and success, this shade also helps them to remain loyal to their close ones. Brown is said to improve their love and family life as well as any interpersonal relationships with friends or associates.

Beware Virgos! Stay away from these unlucky colours


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This bright hue does not sync with the ethos and sensibilities of the Virgin. They get riled up, uneasy and disturbed by the presence of this bold colour. It also denotes danger, which is true for Virgos. Red adversely affects their inherent calm. Their stable personality gets challenged, making them aggressive and imbalanced.


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This colour is deemed as royal, but it clearly does not work for Virgos. Traditionally, purple was a preferred shade to stitch the clothes of aristocrats and is considered luxurious and rare, but this earth sign must avoid it at any cost. The reason is that it disturbs their originally analytical and logical mind. Purple also is known to distract them from their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Which colour is unlucky for Virgo?

Red and purple are unlucky for Virgo.

– What is Virgo’s luckiest colour?

Green is Virgo’s luckiest colour.

– What are Virgo’s true colours?

Green, brown, blue and white are known as the power colours for Virgo.

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These Are The Unlucky And Lucky Colours For Virgo, The Earth Sign
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