The moon, in all its mystic beauty and quiet grandeur, is a symbol for everything related to a person’s feelings and emotions. Astrology, both Western and Vedic, stresses a lot on the importance of celestial bodies and their positions for predictions. Although we often tend to focus more on our star or sun sign, knowing the moon sign as per the zodiac is equally important. Here is all you need to know about this astrological phenomenon.

Astrology generically divides everyone into 12 zodiac sun signs that are determined as per the months of the year of the Gregorian calendar. While these give you an insight into personality traits, focusing mainly on the practical parts, such as career, health and education, understanding moon signs helps you understand the core persona of an individual, analysing their emotions, weaknesses and strengths. Simply put, it is a chart uncovering the soul.

The mind and mood-shifting powers of the moon revealed

zodiac moon signs
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It is no coincidence that the moon is a symbol to express romanticism in poetry and literature across cultures and languages of the world. Since the middle ages, philosophers have stressed the lunar influence on the human mind. For instance, the Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that a full moon brought out intense emotions in the human psyche, both positive and negative.

The celestial body’s positive influence on you exposes our inner desires, fears and ways in which trauma is processed and reveals everything about how you perceive others in connection with yourself.

Getting to know your moon sign can also help you understand your needs and motivations better. It is especially useful to know your partner’s moon sign because that will help you understand their love language better and enrich your romantic relationship beautifully.

How to find your zodiac moon sign?

moon sign zodiac
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Determining your moon sign is slightly more nuanced than finding your sun sign. According to astrology, the sun shifts in 30 to 31 days from one zodiac sign to another and that sign is common to everyone born in that particular month. On the other hand, the moon’s exact position at the time of your birth will determine your moon sign. You need to know your exact birth time because the moon takes 27.5 days to orbit around the Earth, and its phases and luminosity change every two days. It is said to move around 13.5 degrees in one day. Hence, your exact birth time is crucial in calculating the moon sign. Place of birth, birth date and year gives a more accurate picture.

You can determine your moon sign after entering the above-mentioned details in any of the calculators available online as well.

Zodiac moon signs and their meanings

moon sign zodiac
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The primary disposition of the moon’s placement ignites passion and excitement. Aries is often dubbed as the baby of the zodiac system because of its impulsive and playful nature as well. Having an Aries moon means they are blessed with an impatient inner child who is always up for a challenge. People with this moon sign find themselves amidst a passionate whirlwind romance and get easily bored if they see a lack of effort in their partners.


A Taurus moon has an impulse to make a secure home for themself and their partner. They will be naturally gravitated towards creating a luxe environment, complete with cosy interiors, warm food and lots of good sex! The Taurus moon has an inherent warmth and ability to make their loved ones feel secure. The flip side of this nature is that people with this sign could be stubborn, possessive and at times unrelenting from their core beliefs.


Those with the Gemini moon could be described as mercurial, charming, sociable and at times temperamental. They have unlimited infectious energy, which propels them to take up over a hundred projects at once. They like to flit through experiences, situations and people with a practised sense of detachment and enthusiasm at the same time. Natural flirts, individuals with a Gemini moon need a partner who is equally charming and daring. Hence, they naturally pair romantically well with people who have the Aries moon.


Is your moon sign Cancer? If yes, then you ‘feel’ too much, get attached too soon and are probably still mooning over your school crush. The mother of the zodiac, Cancer is dominated by the moon, and hence, having this moon sign leads to magnified emotions. Such individuals are natural nurturers and love to assume the role of a caregiver in every connection they forge. To be loved by someone with a Cancer moon sign is to be cherished for life. While they are extremely affectionate and loving, they do harbour trust issues, and it takes a while to get to their inner circle. But once you are in, you are there to stay.


Leo is ruled by the Sun, but when this occurs as a moon sign, an individual is bound to face a gamut of emotions while trying to keep their originality intact in this moon placement. They are vivacious and creative spirits who like to take care of the underdog. Emotional yet fiery, they seem bold but secretly crave validation. They thrive well if given loads of attention.


Those with a Virgo moon are mainly driven by logic and tend to overanalyse and overthink. This makes them the ‘worriers’ of the zodiac wheel. When this perfectionist sign is in the moon placement, it makes the individual focus on the practical parts of life and is somewhat controlling. They have an inner need to make sure that their loved ones are constantly improving themselves and can come across as disdainful of those who do not subscribe to their ideas of living. In actuality, they only have good interests in mind for their partners, family and people they care about and want to help them be their best selves.

They are natural introverts and like to process information astutely in their minds before jumping to any conclusions. They hate impulsiveness of any kind and do not subscribe to society’s idea of fun.


Libra in moon placement seeks peace and equilibrium in all aspects of its life. They could be labelled as the people pleasers of the zodiac and are known to look outwardly for validation. Those who have this moon sign love something invigorating at all times. They come across as natural extroverts, but they have inner worlds where they are always trying to assess and balance everything.

In love, they are the most hopeless romantics. They do well as lovers and inherently thrive in partnerships. Hence, they seek a romantic connection. Labelled as flirts because the idea of love consumes them, they tend to look at their relationships through a rose-tinted lens. They also genuinely look at the initial butterflies, chemistry and thrill, and feel the urge to woo and be wooed by their partners.


Scorpio as a moon sign can come off as an intense being with an intimidating and slightly foreboding energy. Highly intuitive, they can look through people. This also makes them less trusting towards others, but once they are convinced about someone, they pledge their undying loyalty towards them. Scorpios in this moon placement like to delve deep into their emotions and not shy away from their inner demons. They have the emotional intelligence and fearlessness to do so.

Romantically, they are highly sensual and crave physical intimacy more than other zodiac signs. Needless to say, they generally have a high libido and are incredibly passionate in bed.


The wanderers of the zodiac system are motivated by seeking adventure at all times. Sagittarius in the moon placement is passionate about travel, growth and personal advancement. They are misconstrued to have commitment issues, as they hate being in one place for too long or they feel stuck. But in reality, they are on a quest to improve their experience and enrich their lives in every way possible.

They often have a sharp tongue and hence could come across as rude or know-it-alls. They do not appreciate co-dependency in a relationship but have a loving and warm disposition towards their partners.


Capricorn as a moon sign could be termed the most serious of all zodiac signs. They take their duties extremely seriously and are goal-oriented. At times unforgiving of their flaws, they crave monetary success with a passion. As partners, they dislike anything temporary and frivolous. They commit to life and expect their partner to meet their high standards.

Since they seem bogged down by responsibilities, they do not open up much about their emotions and tend to build defences around them. But it is recommended that opening up will help ease the pressure they put on themselves and thrive well in life.


The brains of the zodiac, the Aquarius as a moon sign think about the greater good and believe in their own intellectual prowess to bring about a constructive change. They may seem social but actually are pretty distant and live on their own island of thoughts and ideas.

If your lover has an Aquarius moon, then expect them to be full of surprises and mysteries.


The last of zodiac signs is inherently meditative, peaceful and soulful. They seek peace and calm and are also very creative. Often accused of being cut off from reality, they like to chase their dreams with fervour. Kind and empathetic, their softness is not to be misunderstood as a weakness because once wronged, they can effortlessly pull themselves out of the situation and cut off the person hurting them for life.

They are giving towards their partners and will surely take their needs into consideration. However, they will shy away from being modest about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is your moon sign?

Answer: While the 12 sun signs help you understand the personality traits such as career, health and education, moon signs aids in knowing the emotions that rule individuals.

Question: Is Rashi a moon sign or a sun sign?

Answer: Rashi, according to Vedic astrology, is one’s moon sign.

Question: What are the moon signs' dates?

Answer: Calculating one’s moon sign is a little more complicated than finding a zodiac sun sign. The moon’s exact position at the time of birth is important. One needs to know the exact birth time because the moon's position changes every two days. Hence, there are no fixed dates for the moon sign, and it changes as per your birth time.

Question: Which Rashi ruled by the moon?

Answer: The Cancer zodiac sign is ruled by the moon.

Question: How do I figure out my moon sign?

Answer: The exact birth time, place of birth and date of birth are keyed in on an online calculator or given to an astrologer to determine the exact moon sign.

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A Guide To Moon Signs Of The Zodiac And What They Mean For You
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