Sure, being truly rich is more than having a limitless credit card or a fat wallet, but don’t you want to experience the joys and luxuries of material wealth? While we’re not talking of a life straight out of Succession or Dynasty (although that would be fascinating), wouldn’t it be great to have enough financial soundness and stability to enjoy your present without worrying about the future? Most of us aren’t born into wealth and have to struggle to change our fortune. However, only some people taste success despite their best efforts, and it’s often blamed on ‘luck’. Interestingly, astrology has a great way of determining your riches based on your stars. If you’re finding it hard to attract money, it’s likely because your zodiac sign isn’t lucky enough! On the other hand, some of you belong to zodiac signs who draw wealth like a magnet. Keen to find out which zodiac signs are born to be rich?

If you still need convincing to believe your zodiac sign has anything to do with attracting wealth and fame, let’s take you through an interesting fact. Did you know many of the world’s billionaires share the same zodiac sign? Coincident? Apparently not. UK-based lender, Cashfloat, combed through the Forbes Billionaires 2022 rich list and analysed the birthdays of 286 billionaires to discover the most common zodiac sign. The research revealed that Libra was the most recurring zodiac sign to which 12% of the world’s billionaires belonged. This was followed by an 11% share of Pisceans and so forth.

If you’re curious to discover whether your zodiac sign is born to be rich, read on!

Is your zodiac sign lucky in matters of money and attracting wealth? Find out

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

aries zodiac sign
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Extremely passionate and driven towards their goals, Aries aren’t afraid to take risks to build a successful legacy. Rather than gruelling themselves for hours, this sign knows how to work smart and is always brimming with out-of-the-box ideas. Their proactive decision-making quality is another trait that sets them apart from the rest. This sign won’t sacrifice anything to enjoy the pleasures and riches of life, and you can expect them to leave a great legacy for their children and grandchildren.

While amassing wealth is no difficult feat for Aries, they come with a spendthrift nature that can lead to major financial losses. The sign often makes hasty investments only to repent them later. Therefore having control over their impulses is supremely imperative.

Business magnate Mukesh Ambani, ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, and Google co-founder Larry Page are some of the trailblazing figures of this sign.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

taurus zodiac sign
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Taurus also leads the pack of the richest zodiac signs. Taureans derive their luck from their ruling planet Venus, associated with material prosperity. Their desire to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and admire beauty and aesthetics drives them to work hard. Whether taking fresh holidays, investing in real estate, or buying admirable automobiles, the sign sure knows how to flaunt their wealth. Taureans and continue to remain prudent and vigilant in money matters, and riches don’t blind them. They know how and where to invest and profit from their investments.

Some of the richest Taureans include Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Germany’s richest woman Susanne Klatten.

Leo (July 22 to August 22)

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A life of glamour, glitz, and pomp is what Leos crave deeply, which is why they’ll go to great lengths and amass the wealth required to achieve this lifestyle. Leos possess the immense talent to justify their riches, whether it’s their vision, creativity, or great interpersonal skills. The sign can lure and persuade people to get what they desire. That’s why they’re perfectly suited for CEO and other leadership positions.

While many Leos are born rich, their highly spendthrift nature makes it difficult to maintain this wealth. They don’t even tone down their lavish lifestyle when they incur losses and have limited resources. Nonetheless, they always manage to attract finances for their needs.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, and French billionaire businessman Francois Pinault are all Leos.

Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

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A sign who’s not content with mediocrity, Virgos are born perfectionists who’ll change and improve every aspect that’s hindering their path to success. As most of them strive hard to achieve economic security rather than simply resting on their forefathers’ lineage, they’re only sometimes ready to take financial risks and stick to saving most of their wealth. They’re honest and upright in their financial dealings and would never earn their living through dubious means.

Despite reaching the pinnacle of success, Virgos will still have a down-to-earth approach to life. They love to help friends and acquaintances in need and won’t let money cause friction in their relationships. Virgos aren’t one to splurge on luxuries and instead save up for life after retirement or any unexpected mishap.

The richest Virgos include Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and ace investor Warren Buffett.

Libra (September 23 to October 22)

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Known as the ‘billionaire zodiac sign’, Libra is represented by a weighing scale that indicates balance. Being a cardinal sign, Librans are great at embarking on new pursuits and often make for great leaders and trendsetters. Always striving to maintain equilibrium and treading cautiously in all areas of life, these people are very prudent regarding financial matters. They will carefully navigate all aspects before making any decisions relating to money, which helps them amass massive financial returns in the long run.

The sign’s quest for success isn’t overshadowed by arrogance or selfishness; they’re always there to help others in need. Librans are all about flourishing with their goodwill and generosity towards people.

If you must know, Walmart heiress Alice Walton, fashion pioneer Ralph Lauren, and reality TV star Kim Kardashian all belong to the Libra zodiac sign.

Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

pisces zodiac sign
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Pisces is also one of the zodiac signs that’s likely to enjoy a rich lifestyle. They believe in living life instinctively and intuitively without giving much importance to money. Nonetheless, many of them attract ludicrous amounts of wealth. Pisceans are represented by two fishes facing opposite directions, depicting their continuous inner struggle due to the duality of their thoughts. On one hand, the sign wants to be successful, motivated, and driven, but on other days, they just want to lay in bed and spend the day in nothingness.

Pisceans are a deadly combination of brain and heart, displaying intelligence and emotions in the right balance. While they flourish immensely in financial matters due to luck, one thing that can take all their riches away is their easygoing attitude. The sign should express aggressiveness regarding wealth management, keeping the passive outlook at bay. The sign should also leverage their creativity and imagination to enjoy the luxuries of life.

LVMH owner Bernard Arnault and Nike co-founder Phil Knight are among the richest Piesceans.

Do you belong to any of these supremely rich zodiac signs?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which are the richest zodiac signs?

Answer: Libra is the richest zodiac sign to which the majority of the world's billionaires belong. Pisces comes next in line.

Question: Which zodiac sign is lucky in money?

Answer: Libra, Pisces, Aries, Taurus are some of the zodiac signs considered luckiest in matters of money and attracting wealth.

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Rich Zodiac Signs That Attract Wealth And Prosperity
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