Life can get crazy. And sometimes you just need to stop and take some time out. They say meditation is the answer. But lest you think it’s something you have to make a trip to the mystic mountains of Nepal to master, Pure Yoga has cut it down to size for you.

Busy professionals and urbanites now have a new way to find their own centre through its new 30-minute classes. These half-hour bites of zen are being introduced across all Pure Yoga studios in Asia to instil the concept of mindfulness to busy, hyper-connected individuals, to help people de-stress and reconnect with their bodies to feel revitalised and better cope with the pressures of city life.

This is a timely move as scientific research is drawing a clear link between meditation and improvement of stress-related disorders, and an increasing number of people are embracing meditation as a method to reduce daily tensions and improve well-being.

At Pure Yoga, members can now choose from three different styles of 30-minute meditation, which are added to Pure’s existing offering of 60-minute meditation classes. Each style focuses on various aspects of mindfulness to help alleviate the ailments of busy city life. Yoga Nidra guides the mind into a state of deep relaxation that helps to ease troubled sleep. Nada Yoga clears mind and releases negative thoughts through the calming sound vibrations, and Pranayama grounds the consciousness and revitalises the body through simple breathing exercises.

“The 30-minute meditation technique is designed to achieve a mind without anxiety and these benefits can be felt after short amount of practice. For a lot of people, meditation still means sitting down and not doing anything. We want to break that myth because mediation goes beyond that. When practised correctly and under proper guidance, mindfulness can greatly help train your mind to achieve greater self awareness,” says Copper Crow, country managing teacher at Pure Yoga.

The benefits of meditation include increasing clarity of mind leading to better decision making and productivity. It helps us to fully utilise our potential as human beings, to live and be wholesome. Meditation is also proven to reduce stress and improve stress-related disorders. It can be done by anyone.

Pure Yoga’s aim is to make meditation more accessible and less intimidating with an approachable way of introducing the practice into wellness routines. Suitable for all levels, the five types of 30-minute compact, guided meditation classes add to Pure Yoga’s existing offering of 60-minute meditation classes. They come in a variety of options tailored to alleviate the ailments of busy city life.

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