Andrew Krasny is proof that you can turn your passion into a decade-long (and counting) career. The tennis fanatic was in the stands during an ATP tournament in Los Angeles, watching a yellow ball being hit and forth, when he realised that the on-court announcer at that time was a man in his mid-eighties who could barely step down from his podium. Krasny sensed an opportunity and volunteered his services the following year at a relatively small Countrywide Classic tournament. From there he hustled his way to the top. Check him out in action in the video above.

Krasny is in town this week for the 2016 BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore presented by SC Global and we turned the tables on him. Having been the man interviewing tennis players for so long, we asked him a couple of questions instead.

Andrew Krasny smiling for the camera

Is it still surreal for you to have gone from a tennis fan to an insider?
The fact my tennis career began because of my love for the sport, it keeps my job unpredictable and exciting. It never gets old! I always say, “If I’m not working in tennis, I’m playing or watching”. This is pretty much my life – Tennis and family. What else is there?

Do you think your past experiences in entertainment have groomed you for this job?
I think so much of tennis is entertainment, and my experience being a TV host made it an easy transition.

What is your most memorable moment on court?
I would have to say it was when Serena Williams made her return to Indian Wells after a 14-year boycott. It was a time of healing, forgiveness and maturity that showed such an honest and vulnerable side of a great champion – we all cried.

Having interviewed numerous athletes over the years, who would you say you enjoy interviewing the most?
That is a really tough question… Kim Clijsters stands out as one of the most honest and articulate players over the years. I had the privilege of being the last to interview when she retired at the US Open. I cried again (I always cry).

You’ve developed friendships with many players over the years. Would you say that makes your job easier?
It is definitely easier to get honest and authentic interviews out of players when you have even a work friendship with them. Later in her career, Venus Williams has become such a joy to interview because of how appreciative she is to still be competing, and at such a high level.

What are you expecting for the WTA Finals? Thoughts on the lineup?
This year’s lineup is even more special because we will have players who have qualified for the first time. That brings a whole new level of suspense. Any given round will be the quality of a final anywhere else. Last year, we witnessed Agnieska’s biggest moment in her career.

Are you planning on moving on to something else?
It took me years to create the dream job. You are going to have to call security if you want me to move on to something else!

The 2016 BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore presented by SC Global is happening 23 – 30 October 2016.

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