I consider myself an active man. I’ve ran a marathon, boxed in an amateur bout, and regularly pound the pavements or lift in the iron temple. So, when TripleFit opened its first performance centre and retail hub at Millenia Walk, I was intrigued.

Any fitness enthusiast worth his salt will always physically challenge himself in different ways. While TripleFit offers typical classes you find in other gym chains, it also has other more interesting sessions. Split into three categories – Endurance, Balance or Strength – these classes sounded innocent on paper. At least until I tried them out.

If you ever wanted to get your ass kicked, these are the three classes at TripleFit that you should go for.

TripleFit gym


If you’re a gym rat lifting iron and downing protein shakes by the dozen, you might think that a class revolving around bodyweight exercises is a walk in the park. You would be wrong.

Besides push-ups and pull-ups, the Calisthenics class at TripleFit also focuses on muscle-ups and handstands among other exercises. The coach progressively takes you through the different variations until you’re left shivering on the floor like a mass of jelly.

It’s not about how much you lift. It’s about how well you can control your body through space and time. Those impressive squat and deadlift numbers will count for nothing here. When it comes to full functionality of the body, the Calisthenics class is most certainly the way forward to achieving that.


This is for the cardio bunnies. Powered by POLAR, the EnduroFit class uses a variety of equipment such as rowing machines, air bikes, skiergs (those machines that make you go through skiing motions) and tools like jump ropes and sleds to elevate your heart rate and train the most important muscle of your body – the heart.

TripleFit EnduroFit

Many people complain that running is boring. I can reassure you that boredom will be the furthest noun on your mind when you are put through the paces in EnduroFit.

And if you think that you’re too novice to handle the class, the idea behind EnduroFit is to work according to your heart rate. This means that you’ll be pushed just slightly beyond your personal threshold, as that’s where the most benefit to your heart comes from. It doesn’t matter if you eat triathlons for breakfast or have difficulty breathing after conquering a flight of stairs; EnduroFit will make you better.

Core 360

Everyone’s favourite aesthetic muscle gets put through the grinder here. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to survive this class even if you have a six-pack since Core 360 targets the entire core, from your front and back to the sides.

Combining traditional core training such as planks and V-ups with Pilates methods like breathing and bracing, Core 360 will leave you surprised at how weak you are.

If you’re a desk-bound corporate warrior with niggling aches and pains that never seem to go away, you should definitely go for Core 360. I did, and now I’m sitting taller than ever on my office chair.

TripleFit is at 02-63 Millenia Walk. Check out the schedule of classes here.

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Farhan Shah
Farhan believes that every man needs a good tailor and a better barber. You can usually find him at the gym, the bar or the poker table, usually all three in one night.

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