Running is one of the most popular sports in the world and with good reason. All you need are a pair of running shoes and an open road in front of you. Exercise clothes are optional although we highly recommend that you at least put on a pair of shorts. Scientists have demonstrably proven that regular runners tend to live longer but we just enjoy the fact that we can eat all the good food without worrying about the flab that usually comes after.

Sportswear brand Asics has a storied running heritage. It exploded in popularity in 1951 when Japanese athlete Shigeki Tanaka won the Boston Marathon wearing tabi or split-toe shoes made by Asics.

Shigeki Tanaka crosses the finish line at the 1951 Boston Marathon.

Today its shoes are widely worn by professional and amateur runners alike, and the biggest reason for this is because of its emphasis on R&D as the defining cornerstone of its strategy.

The Asics Foot ID system is one such innovation. Available at its flagship store in Suntec, the proprietary system analyses the dimensions of your foot and studies your running gait to provide the most comprehensive analysis of your running performance we have ever seen.

We had a chance to test the system on our road to the Tokyo Marathon in February 2017 and were honestly blown away. From the width of your feet to the angle that your shoes hit the ground to even your cadence and stride length, the Foot ID system breaks down in detail every aspect of your run.

Going through the Foot ID analysis

If you have been wondering whether you are wearing the right pair of running shoes for your style or are plagued with niggling injuries each time you lace up, we highly recommend heading down to the Asics store at Suntec to try out the Foot ID system. At the moment it is free to use and does not require any purchase of Asics footwear but you will surely be tempted to do so. We certainly were, and went out of the store with two new pairs of running shoes that fit our running style.

Asics, 3 Temasek Boulevard, 02-476, Suntec City Mall
Monday – Thursday & Sunday 11am – 9pm, Friday & Saturday 11am – 9.30pm

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