Aaron Mossadeg wears polyester blend Active Spine top, polyester blend shorts; both Odlo. Shoes from Under Armour. Worn throughout. All from TripleFit

WHEN it comes to working out, the spine is not a body part to be ignored. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a first-time gym member, a wrong posture could result in painful injuries like muscle sprains and slipped discs, reminding us why ensuring a good form is so important.

But Odlo makes it easy with Active Spine, the brand’s latest offering. Unlike other posture-correcting garments in the market, the Active Spine is a stellar innovation that cleverly fuses cutting-edge biomechanics with premium knitting technology. With its tailored compression and elasticity zones, the top is able to efficaciously stimulate the natural human spine, bringing about posture recovery and spinal amendment both during and after workouts. This then enhances one’s performance in training sessions. To verify the products’ claims, we had certified fitness trainer Aaron Mossadeg give Odlo’s Active Spine a go for a week.

The 27-year-old, who also acts, is no stranger to the fitness game, having used to consistently work out three days a week for a role on television. He had no qualms bulking up then, but he has since been focusing more on strength training than bodybuilding.

“I’ve been trying to slowly cut down because I’ve been told that I look a bit ‘chunky’ on screen,” Mossadeg explained. Currently, his workout routine comprises more of a focus on the chest and back on one day, and the legs and shoulders on others.

For Mossadeg, the ‘regular’ includes deadlifts, bench presses and three sets of bicep-focused reps to ensure his arms ‘don’t get too small’ on one day. On the second day, it’s mainly squats, overhead presses and tricep exercises. When asked to name the gym equipment he uses most often, Aaron promptly replied, “Barbell. Straight up, barbell.”

He went on to elaborate that because he does a lot of strength training, constant mindfulness of his form has become a necessity. Being an old hand at gym training, Mossadeg is already very careful and aware of his form. So will Odlo’s Active Spine make a difference?

After a week-long test drive, Aaron acknowledges that the garment has definitely been beneficial. Though he already maintains good form when he works out, the product has made this even easier by lending extra support and assisting in maintaining an upright posture. It also made him acutely conscious of whenever he is hunching.

Yet, comfort isn’t at all compromised. “It’s akin to being permanently enveloped in a warm, safe hug. A hug that also lets me know when my posture is bad,” Aaron remarked.

Aaron added that this is where the product outclasses similar compression gears or posture-correcting tools out there. For example, wearing a weightlifting belt can sometimes disrupt his breathing, get in the way of lifting and be generally uncomfortable to wear.

Mossadeg encourages individuals with a weak back or  who have difficulty identifying and maintaining a good posture to use the product. He also recommends the product to fitness enthusiasts in recovery as it helps to maintain strict form and effectively strengthen the back.

“A lot of people mistakenly think their back is in a safe and neutral position when their shoulders are actually hunched forward. This is usually attributed to inexperience, years of slouching and a poor mind-muscle connection. Odlo’s Active Spine will speed up the process of fixing these issues,” Aaron concluded.

Odlo ‘Active Spine’ is available at TripleFit’s Retail Zone at Millenia Walk. 

TripleFit is located at 9 Raffles Boulevard, #02-63, Millenia Walk, 039596 and offers a complimentary one-class pass which the readers can book via www.triple.fit/join or by calling +65 6255-5064. Join the Facebook page here for more information.

Produced by: Syed Zulfadhli

 Written by: Iris Lim

 Photos: Simon Sim

 Grooming: Wee Ming using Schwarzkopf Professional (Hair) and Shu Uemura (Makeup)

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Back in the right form: Posture-perfect workout with Odlo Active Spine
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